The following images trace the construction of the 24 inch reflector. Those with noted captions are from archived yearbooks at Phoenix College.

[left to right] Jimmy Corn [?], [unknown], and Amos Hoff fine tune the curvature of the 24 inch pyrex mirror. [If you know these names please contact us.]

Caption 1: Typical of the faculty which has helped motivate and develop Phoenix College throughout the school's career is Amos Hoff. Since 1937, he has provided the college with outstanding work and service which can be acknowledged in the words of Dr. Robert J. Hannelly "... intelligent, able, creative, industrious, pleasant, gentle." His activities in Astronomy, Physics, Engineering, building tlescopes, seeding clouds to induce rain, and teaching aviation meteorology have contributed immensely to the quality and progress of Phoenix College.

Caption 2: A declination swivel for horizon-to-zenith sweeps is accurately checked.

Caption: Mr. Hoff and associates pour cement for foundation of Phoenix College Observatory.

Caption: The final phase setting the finished product, a 24" reflector telescope, into the housing at the observatory.

The completed telescope, replete with electrically driven roll-off building. Note the tracks embedded in the ground. [photo by Jerry Belcher]

Another view of the roll-off building showing its wheeled transport system. [photo by Chuck Nash]

The mighty 24 inch points toward the heavens. [photo by Jerry Belcher]

A look down the 176" optical path of this f/7.3 instrument. [photo by Chuck Nash]

The Amos Hoff memorial plaque mounted on the yoke of the scope. [photo by Chuck Nash]