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Solar / Lunar Viewing at Bookmans in Phoenix - Cancelled
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
11-03-2018 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Solar / Lunar Viewing at Bookmans in Phoenix
Event is from 11am to 1pm In the Bookmans Parking Lot
Look for the Blue Canopies.
More details to come
Set up for event is 10am.

This event has become cancelled.
Please consider attending the next event like this which will be on
March 2 2019. Here's the link to RSVP your attendance. Public RSVP could keep this next event happening:

ublic attendance... RSVP's for public attendance can be emailed to Terri at Please include the date of the event and name of the event you wish to attend and the number in your party.

An auto response will be returned to you with an update about the event. The auto response will start going out on Friday Oct 27, with info about the weather and if the event is happening or canceled due to weather. It is highly recommended you RSVP through email to get this notice.

PAS Members who wish to attend to help at this event, please RSVP below.

Looking for one more scope to be on the Moon.
If a Moon scope doesn't RSVP by Oct 22, I'm cancelling this event, as the purpose of this event is to show that the Moon and the Sun are both in the daytime sky at the same time.
RSVP'd Yes: 4
  • Terri Finch [09-17-2018 01:44 PM] - A minimum of 1 solar scope and 1 lunar scope is needed to make this event happen. Then, William & Terri will attend with PAS table. I request Mike attend as well.
  • Paul Facuna [09-18-2018 03:47 PM] - I will help and I will bring Don and his scope.
  • Don Boyd [09-18-2018 07:26 PM] - 8 in Solar scope.
  • Mike Marron [10-23-2018 10:37 PM] - Meteorites with Ofelia.
RSVP'd No: 3
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