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PAS Public Binocular Star Party
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
04-07-2018 05:00 PM to 11:30 PM
RSVP is required by all attendees
PAS Members RSVP in Private Calendar
This event is open to the public
Requirements: Bring your own binos

There will be a potluck prior to this event
Bring a dish to share
You do not have to attend the potluck
but you do have to arrive prior to sundown at 7pm

RSVP is through Terri at
In RSVP, include number in your party
and let me know if everyone in your party will participate
in the bino class. It is preferred not to share binos, but if
you don't have one for each, you may share with one other person
as not to slow down the class.

These classes have been very successful and they help you learn the constellations, where objects are that are great to view through your binos, and it is a great way to get to know PAS. You do NOT Have to be a PAS member to attend this event. This event is open and FREE to everyone to attend, all ages. We just ask that you bring a minimum of one pair of binoculars per 2 participating attendees. If you are bringing additional attendees, list them in your RSVP so we have a head count on attendance. Everyone may attend, but we need to know how many class members are attending.

Sunset is at 7pm
Dark is at 8:10pm
Venus visible 7:15 and sets 9:30
Jupiter visible 7:30
Orion Nebula visible 7:55 and sets 8:20
Saturn rises 11:10pm

Potluck will be at 5:30pm
Event begins at 7pm

Event continues into the night and can last until 11:30pm
If you have to depart, make sure when you park your car, the headlights are pointed AWAY from the viewing area. And for those needing to leave earlier than the end of the class, please park at the front of the house.

Attendees do not have to be part of the potluck, but if you are, please bring a main dish to share, and a drink to share. Bring enough for everyone in your party to enjoy as if it was their whole meal for the night plus 1. An example would be if you brought pizza, bring enough pizza to feed everyone in your group as your complete dinner, plus 1. Example: I eat 2-3 slices and I'm full. So, if my party is 3 people, i need 3 people x 3 slices each, which is 9 slices of pizza, which could be 1 or 2 pizzas depending on the size of the pizza.
For drink, bring a 6 pack of non alcoholic drink or the amount of, per person in your group so that if you stay until we end the event at 11 or 11:30 at night, there is plenty of drink for everyone. NO Alcohol please. Botted water, a 2 liter bottle of something, 6 individual drinks of something, but no alcohol.

If you decide NOT to attend the potluck, bring your own snacks and drinks for the night (you don't have to share unless you wish to). And arrive before 7pm.

Since no telescopes are planned to be at this event, parking is requested to be as close in as possible. Closer to the date, I can let you know the parking plans, and if you plan to bring a telescope to share the views, let me know so you get priority parking at the back of the house. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE OBSERVING AREA.

This is a public event. Public and PAS Members MUST RSVP by NOON the DAY BEFORE the event so that planning for this event can be done ahead of time and an email to everyone wishing to attend, can be sent out with parking instructions.

If you know what food you are bringing to the potluck, please list it. If you are arriving later than the start of this event, 5:30 for the potluck, please add to your RSVP, the approx time of arrival.
Always include the number in your party.

Example: William & Terri attending for potluck with pizza
PAS Members please RSVP below.
Public attendance, please RSVP through
Wishing for clear skies and your attendance!

This link is the list of Public attendance and additional plan discussion between the PAS Members helping with this event. PAS Members, feel free to comment in the forums with your plans at this event to help me organize it. Thanks.
RSVP'd Yes: 3
  • Terri Finch [02-22-2018 01:02 PM] - William & Terri will attend, arriving 5:30pm for potluck. I am manager of event and parking. Bringing laser pointer to help point out objects, and possibly do a sky tour once during the event.
  • Sam Insana [02-22-2018 04:43 PM] - I can be one of the bino teachers. We could use a couple more
  • Don Boyd [03-16-2018 01:36 AM] - I would like to attend this if I can get a ride.
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