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Private Star Party for PAS Members - NSTS - CANCELLED
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
05-12-2018 05:30 PM to 11:30 PM
This event was rescheduled from Apr 14 to today.
This is a Members Only event.

i'm sorry but we need to CANCEL THIS EVENT, yet again, because of a situation beyond our control. Watch for a reschedule of this event probably in October 2018.

If you are not currently a member and you would like to be a member and attend this event, your membership form needs to be received by a week prior to this event, to attend.

Here's the link to Sign up as a PAS member:

This event involves

* learning how to star hop. Star Hop is the ability to use brighter stars in the sky to be able to find fainter, non naked eye objects in the night sky to view through your telescope.

* Help with set up and alignment of your telescope such as aligning the finders scope to the main scope to make navigation of the night sky easy and enjoyable.

* Learning to read and navigate a star chart (please bring a red filtered flashlight to this event).

* A discussion about eyepieces, possibly sharing eyepieces so you can find out what eyepieces work in your telescope. Take notes.

* A discussion about filters, what they do, how they can make your telescope viewing that much more enjoyable, where to purchase, and examples on a brighter object visible this night.

* Learning how to navigate the night sky using astronomy terms such as declination, right-ascension, Zenith, Meridian, etc.

* Depending on attendance, there may be a Sky Tour with info about the constellations, names of stars, maybe some historical facts of interest.

* And some great people who love this subject and are willing to help you learn to use your scope so you can enjoy it.

What's up this night?

Sunset 7:20pm
Dark 8:30pm

Pot luck at 5:30pm

Setup of Telescopes at 6:30pm

Start of NSTS at 7pm and goes until 10:30 or 11pm.

Venus visible 7:20pm and sets 9:30pm
Jupiter visible 7:30pm
Saturn rises 10:50pm
Mars rises 12:15am (Sunday morning)

RSVP to attend this event here:
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