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Meteor Shower & Star Party in Carefree
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
05-23-2014 06:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Meteor Shower & Star Party in Carefree
"Cameloperalids" Meteor Shower of Comet Linear.

Everyone Welcome.
Bring a chair, jacket, & your family & friends to a fun Meteor Shower viewing night in Carefree at Mike's home.

RSVP is required with Mike at
When you RSVP, include the number in your party and your approximate arrival time. You do not have to attend the potluck, if you do not wish to, but if you are going to, then please sign up your Main Dish & Drink at Perfect Detail wlil be below with log in info.

Potluck is at 6pm
This is a Friday event.
Sunset is at 7:15pm.
Set up of the telescopes will be at 7:15pm.
Birthday cake will be at 7pm, so don't be late if you want to enjoy celebrating Mike's birthday with us!

By 7:25pm, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will be visible
Mercury sets at 9pm
Jupiter sets at 10:30pm.
Dark is 8:45pm
There is No Moon this night.

PAS Members RSVP below to join in the fun and RSVP which scope you are bringing, if any.

This is a Meteor Shower party, so it is up to the attendees if they want to also make it a star party by bringing their scopes.

RSVP in the Public Forums:

Here is a link to your new group meal:

This is also Mike's Birthday party!
RSVP'd Yes: 8
  • Don Boyd [05-14-2014 02:09 PM] - Will probably bring my 8 inch.
  • Sam Insana [05-15-2014 09:20 AM]
  • Rodney Fong [05-18-2014 07:36 AM]
  • Alfred Fantegrossi [05-18-2014 02:45 PM] - I CAN COME, BUT NO POT-LUCK, OR SCOPE
  • Kevin Witts [05-19-2014 07:04 AM]
  • Terri Finch [05-21-2014 11:33 AM] - Picking up bday cake for Mike. William, Terri, Ed, Bette and Bruce attending for birthday party. Will decide on scopes closer to the date. Can't stay late, bookmans next day.
  • Alex Vrenios [05-22-2014 05:06 PM] - Diane and I are just bringing our binoculars and chairs, no scope.
  • Robert Senzer [05-22-2014 05:08 PM]
RSVP'd Maybe: 2
  • Howard Moneta [05-14-2014 09:40 PM] - Agreed to work that night. I'll see what I can do.
  • Rick Cunningham [05-20-2014 09:57 AM] - Should be there but won't be able to confirm until Friday afternoon
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