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Solar Eclipse Viewing at Arizona Science Center
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
08-21-2017 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
The Phoenix Astronomical Society will be at the Arizona Science Center (ASC) on Aug 21 to share a view of the Solar Eclipse of Aug 21, 2017 from 9am to noon.

The path of totality is through Oregon, Washington and a few other more north locations, however, with a properly and safely filtered telescope, a view of the surface of the Sun with it 60% covered by the Moon, will be seen from Phoenix Arizona.

The Eclipse will happen for about 3 hours. Best viewing is aobut a 1/2 hour either side of when the Moon is covering the Sun as close to 60% as possible. Here's the breakdown of the event as it will be seen from Phoenix...

Phoenix: Partial Solar Eclipse

Begins: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 9:13 am Countdown
Maximum: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 10:33 am
Ends: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 12:00 noon

More details about this eclipse can be found at this link:

PAS Members who wish to assist in showing the eclipse, please RSVP your attendance in the Private Calendar:

For other ways to see this eclipse without directly viewing the Sun (for those who do not have Solar Viewing Glasses or a Solar Filter for their telescope and are not attending PAS's event at ASC on this morning), go to this link for some links with additional fun info:


The Solar Eclipse is only from 9am to 12pm with a peak time of 60% covered at 10:33am.

If you are attending this event JUST to see the Eclipse, be sure to RSVP with PAS, in case weather cancels the viewing of the Eclipse. In the case of the bad weather, an email stating cancellation will be sent out by 8pm the night before. No email, and we are good to go. Find PAS under the Blue Canopies in Heritage Square. If weather is questionable, drop an email to for an automated message that will tell you if the event is happening or cancelled.

What weather can cancel this event:
1) High Winds in excess of 15mph
2) Hard rain. A light rain shower depending on the cloud cover, we may still have the event.
3) Too many clouds and we can't see the Sun, especially during maximum eclipse around 10:30am.

If you are headed to spending the day at ASC and the Eclipse is only an added bonus to your day, no RSVP is needed.

PAS's part in this event is Free to everyone.
The plan for the day is to hide under the blue canopy, provide demos of what we are seeing on the surface of the Sun through the telescopes, Q&A for the kids to win prizes (2 prize limit per kid please so I have enough for the whole event), & info about the club. More details of exactly what is planned will be in this forum thread:

On July 31, an update on what to expect at this event was added to this forum thread. I suggest you read it before attending.

Update Aug 5: As a Q&A prize, i will be giving away free solar viewing glasses (one per family), at this event to the first 20 families to ask for one. See Terri at PAS table - that's the table outside of the Arizona Science Center, in Heritage square, at the table with planets on the table cloth, under the blue canopies. Kids 0-16 may answer questions to win a prize from PAS. There's a 2 prize limit to be assured I have enough prizes for everyone attending.

Aug 18 update: The weather may be cloudy in the morning, but i am hoping someone brings a huge fan to the event to blow away any lingering clouds.
Mike will not be attending this event with his meteorites.

Aug 19 update: As promised, the first 20 families to check in at the PAS Table in Heritage Square at ASC will get, for free, 1 pair per family, solar viewing glasses.
I will have a few extra solar glasses with me for sale. Once we are sold out, there will not be any solar viewing glasses availble. The price of the glasses is being decided based on the fact that everywhere in Phoenix is sold out. My friend ran to Tucson today to pick up some solar viewing glasses and paid quite a bit to get them, so we will be selling them at cost at the event.
What I suggest is you arrive early, get a Free Solar Glasses paper from me, if you get there before PAS gets the tables set up, and that will guarantee your free pair.
Then, if you want additional pairs of glasses for your family members, purchase them from PAS. The proceeds from the sale of the solar glasses go to PAS as a donation. I do not have many glasses left.
PAS is setting up at 8am. I will start passing out the Solar Glasses paper at 8:45am (only if the PAS table is not completely set up by that time - of if it is, then I will just give you the glasses), and PAS's part in the event starts 9am. The Eclipse doesn't start until 9:13am, so we have a little time before you NEED to have your glasses in hand.
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