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Venus Transit & Star Party at PVCC Black Mountain Campus
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
06-05-2012 03:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Venus Transit & Star Party at PVCC Black Mountain Campus

Open to the public. Be sure to RSVP below. 1 RSVP per family, please
You can also RSVP via Email and when you do, please include the number in your party.

On Tuesday, I will not be replying to the RSVP emails as I have to set up for the event. But, as long as you include the above info in your email, consider yourself RSVP'd. This event will happen. The weather looks awesome. No chance for cancellation. See you there!

Solar Viewing Glasses will be available for purchase at $2 each. There are only 20 of them, so purchase early. I heard that you will not see Venus crossing the face of the Sun through the glasses unless you have very good eyesight. You need to be able to see a 1mm dot at 25 feet away, to enjoy the use of the glasses. However, if you wish to purchase, they will be available.

Visit the PAS forums to read more info about this event at this link.

The Transit is from 6:30 until sunset.

Here's what's visible that night during the star party:

3pm to 7:20pm Venus Transit
Sunset 7:20pm
Merc visible 7:30pm and sets 8:15pm
Mars visible 7:30pm
Saturn visible 7:30pm
Dark 8:45pm
Moon rise 9:20pm

More details to come. Weather permitting.

RSVP in the calendar closes at 3pm. If haven't RSVP'd by 3pm, please be sure to call Terri's Cell for an recorded update about the event 602-561-5398. I will not be answering the phone. As long as there is no message about the cancellation of this event, leave your name, number in your party, and come have fun with us!

Black Mountain Campus is at:

34250 North 60th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85266

PAS Members: Check this map for parking & set up instructions.
Public, please avoid parking where PAS is assigned parking for this event. Thanks.

Public Event Forum - additional details can be found here:

Private Forum Thread - PAS Members only discussion about this event.

RSVP'd Yes: 1
Terri Finch [Remove] [02-29-2012 03:36 PM]


Venus Transit 2012: Last Time in Our Lifetime - Are you viewing it? That's the last Venus Transit for anyone alive today.

The phrase "once in a lifetime" denotes a rare event. A transit of Venus is actually a "twice-in-your-lifetime" event, because these transits occur twice during an eight-year span, with each pair separated by more than a century. The current transit pair (2004 and 2012) concludes this year. Miss it, and you'll have to wait 105 years to see another. So where will you be on June 56, 2012? - Borrowed from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's webpage at

The eight-page PDF article "The 2012 Transit of Venus" (from Mercury, Spring 2011) explains the science of transits, describes the attempts to make critical measurements of Venus transits during the 18th and 19th centuries, and discusses where and when to view the upcoming 2012 transit. It also includes a list of resources and a section on how to safely view the transit.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific provides this info about the Venus Transit:


Alex, PAS Member, provides this resource:
If you are interested in some historical background, I can recommend a book I just got at Barnes and Noble (Kierland). It's titled "Transit of Venus, 1631 to Present," by Nick Lomb, Workman Publishing, 2012. It was $25.


This event is listed in these places:
RSVP'd Yes: 8
  • Don Boyd [05-18-2012 05:09 PM] - 6 in. Newt with Solar filter for day and same without filter for night.
  • Eric Steinberg [05-29-2012 04:34 PM] - Ora with come for part. Sunset is 7:36; Moonrise @ 9:06
  • Marc Levison [05-31-2012 04:31 PM] - Filter has shipped although I would like to do some photography during the transit. Please have plenty of water--it will be hot!
  • Albert Tucker [06-01-2012 12:56 PM] - Configuring optics for viewing on computer. I would like to set up by 3:00.
  • Terri Finch [06-03-2012 12:08 AM] - I will be there from just before 2pm for set up to after everyone leaves at 10pm. William will be with me. I plan to do demos & Q&A with any kids that attend. Plus show the Transit through my scope. See you there!
  • Chris Johnson [06-04-2012 01:35 PM] - Bringing TSA-120 with solar filter.
  • Tim Besch [06-04-2012 03:17 PM]
  • Joe Collins [06-05-2012 10:17 AM] - As an observer, not with equipment
RSVP'd Maybe: 1
  • Dewell Howell [06-04-2012 05:07 PM] - I may be there with my Dob and solar filter.
RSVP'd No: 1
  • Sam Insana [05-27-2012 08:19 PM] - Vera and I will be at the Southwestern Research Station in Portal visiting Frank, and showing the Venus Transit with our PST and Newtonian scopes.
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