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Bookmans Sidewalk Astronomy Event - CANCELLED
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
07-08-2017 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Public Star Party at Phoenix Bookmans
19th ave and Northern ave in Phoenix

Due to too many clouds, some winds and possible rain, this event has been CANCELLED!!!

Event time is 8pm to 10pm
Set up is 7pm for attending Scopes

PAS Members RSVP below, please.
More details in the Public Forums.

Visible tonight

This event is WEATHER PERMITTING. That means that if there are too many clouds, high winds, a Haboob, or rain falling, this event could become canceled.
Due to the weather people on TV saying that there could be clouds and monsoon weather for Saturday evening, PAS Is monitoring the weather. To keep up to date on the Weather and see any changes to this event, please visit the PAS Forums. If we need to cancel this event due to weather, those who RSVP at by noon the day of the event, will get a cancel notice in their email. No notice, I suggest you don't take that as the event is definitely happening as we know emails can get lost, but check back at this calendar listing to confirm the event is happening. Also, please be sure to refresh the page, just in case it hasn't updated with the current info on that day. Here's the link to monitor:
It is too early to predict the weather for Saturday, but at least we have an idea what may happen and everyone involved now knows to monitor the forum thread and your email (if you RSVP'd attendance) for the status of this event.

PAS is currently monitoring the weather for this event. As of July 6, Phoenix is now in the Monsoon Season which means that at a moment's notice, an event can become canceled due to rain, too many clouds, high winds or Haboobs (massive dust storms). Please monitor the event you wish to attend and make sure you RSVP your attendance at, so that you get the email cancel notice, should we have to cancel the event due to weather.
The event, as of July 7 at 11:30am is still currently happening. But, tomorrow, when i get the new forecast, and by 4pm, i will inform all of those who RSVP'd their attendance about the status of the event. Keep an eye on this calendar listing, and your email (if you RSVP to attend) for more details and weather updates. I've had several RSVP's. You are welcome to just show up but if PAS isn't there due to weather that cancels the event, that's your choice.
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