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6pm Potluck, Star Party, PAS Social Gathering in Carefree
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
02-08-2020 06:00 PM to 11:30 PM
PAS is putting together a Full Day of Astronomy

Last Activity of this day....

6pm Potluck, Star Party, PAS Social Gathering in Carefree
Mike is hosting the PAS Social and inviting everyone to attend.
You MUST RSVP with MIke by calling 480 488 3031 with the number in your party. Get the address from Mike when you call.
Potluck is beginning at 6pm. Bring something interesting to share for dinner.
Sunset is 6pm, dark is 7;30pm.
However, the Full Moon is on Feb 9th, and thus, Feb 8 will be one day shy of a full Moon. The good thing is that if the public brings their telescope along, they can look at the Moon through their scope and PAS Members' scopes and possibly find some brighter objects as well on this evening. This is NOT a Telescope Workshop. It is just a great get together with the plan of sharing viewing through telescopes.
Mike writes: Bring telescopes, optional gift, warm clothes, chairs, food, and drinks to share for the party. This is a time for our members & guests to socialize and see the sky.

Highlights of this night:
The moon will be 1 day away from full, so the telescopes who attend,could show the Terminator Line on the Moon and see some craters.
The evening with the moon so bright, still has a great line up of things to see.*
Sunset 6:05pm
Dark 7:35pm
Moon rises 550pm in the east* *
Moon is 99.9% full
Venus visible 605pm and sets 9:15pm in the west* *
Venus is 70.8% lit and a Waning Gibbous phase
Mercury is in the West* *
visible 6:25pm and sets 7:25pm*** *
Might be visible over Mike's house and is 58.7% lit
Orion Nebula visible 6:40 and up past midnight
Iss Fly by* *
Iss will fly by Orion from NW to SE* *
Visible from 6:40 to 6:49pm
That's a pretty good line up of things to see on this night. Even with the nearly full moon, the craters near the terminator line should be spectacular!

The full day's schedule of astronomy activities can be found in the forums at this link:

PAS Members RSVP below.

For Public Attendance - email or call the Person of Contact for each activity as listed in the Forum Thread and in the calendar listings.

PAS Members who RSVP'd through email instead of this Calendar:
Kim H.
RSVP'd Yes: 2
  • Sam Insana [01-22-2020 06:45 PM]
  • Ron Walker [02-05-2020 02:22 PM] - Will be a little late, probably around 7 pm.
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