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Free Planetarium Shows in Cave Creek (Private)
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
07-21-2018 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM

PAS Members only + Immediate Family Members + Invited Friends

RSVP required through email directly with Ron.
The start time of today's shows are listed below.
Most of these shows last about 1 hour in length.

There are no bathroom facilities at this location.
Parking is limited and carpooling is highly requested.
Please park where the Red Arrows show you to go.

The Private Forums have additional info PAS Members need to know to RSVP and attend these events. Please read about them here (address, email to RSVP, etc.) :

Please read about today's show at this link:
Free Public Astronomy Lecture - Electromagnetic Universe
Calendar: PAS Public Event Calendar
Event Posted By: Terri Finch  
07-21-2018 06:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Public Lecture in Carefree

Title: Electromagnetic Universe
This lecture is about quantum physics: builds all forces and matter from the electromagnetic force of quantum strings.

RSVP is Required:
  • Address in Carefree will be provided with RSVP.
  • Public RSVP is through Terri at
  • When you RSVP, a map and the address of the location of this Lecture in Carefree will be sent to you via email. This is a PAS Members' home.
  • If you need to cancel your RSVP, drop Terri another email so that we can let others have your seats.
  • This event is Free and open to the public. It is kid friendly so please do not bring alcohol to this event.
  • PAS Members, please RSVP below.
  • RSVP's need to be received by 3pm on the day of the event, for this event.

Potluck is 6pm
RSVP to attend potluck in your email.
  • If you are bringing food to the potluck, please provide what food you are bringing in your RSVP email. We try to have a variety, so check the Forum Thread to see what is coming, and provide something different. The Potluck starts right at the designated time, and NOT before.
  • For the potluck, bring a food to share with enough to feed everyone in your party plus one, and bring a drink to share, like a 2 liter bottle of soda or a 6 pack of soda, or bottled water or fruit juice.

Lecture starts 7pm
  • Seating for this lecture is limited, so please
  • RSVP with number in your party.
  • The Lecture can last anywhere from one hour to 2 hours. We will then enjoy a star party at the back of the house. Parking will be allowed only in the front of the house and in the Wash below the house for this event to accommodate the attending Telescopes. If there are no telescopes attending, then parking can be at the back of the house. Check the Forum Thread to be sure of attendance expected.
  • The Lecture will start right at the designated time.
  • We hope you can attend.

  • Parking is also limited, later arrivals may need to park in the
  • Wash below the house.
  • It is advised you arrive 15 minutes prior to dark so you can navigate the parking by a little daylight.

Here is the Public Forum Thread to track attendance of everyone who RSVP's. Please read this Thread in case any changes are needed to this event:
  • If your arrival time is not 6pm, please let Terri know about what time you expect to arrive. This helps with knowing where to put your vehicle.

Star Party:
  • After the Lecture, it is possible that PAS Members may set up telescopes (this is why you should read about this event in the Forum Thread to find out if telescopes are attending on this night).
  • If you are staying for the Star Party, please wear close-toed shoes as this location has a gravel & cactus observing area.
  • Also, NO white light is allowed in the observing area. If you have a cell phone and need to use it or answer a call, walk away from the observing area so we maintain dark adapted eyes.
  • If you can, it is preferred you bring a Red filtered flashlight to navigate the unlevel Observing Area.

July 21 Star Party Info:

Sunset 7:35pm
Dark about 9:05pm
Moon rises 2:40 in the afternoon
Venus visible 7:30pm and sets 9:40
Jupiter by Moon and visible &:45pm and sets 12:30am
Saturn visible 7:55pm
Iss Fly over SSW to NE
19:50:29 to 19:59:38 (24 hr time)
Mercury visible 8:05pm and sets 8 30pm
Mars rises 8:20pm
Iss fly over from W to N past Venus
21:26:30 to 21:35:40
Uranus rises at midnight

More details will be in the Forum Thread.


Weather update for July 19:
As of this morning, the weather forecasts shows clouds might be a slight problem with the star party portion of this event, but the clouds will not affect the Lecture or Potluck.
RSVP'd Yes: 3
  • Sam Insana [07-07-2018 03:48 AM] - and Frank Insana Will attend potluck, Mike's lecture, and viewing of Mars which will be very close to Earth
  • Don Boyd [07-13-2018 01:31 AM] - If somebody can give me a ride...will attend everything.
  • Peter Turner [07-16-2018 03:55 PM] - I will attend everything
RSVP'd Maybe: 1
  • Terri Finch [07-19-2018 10:11 AM] - William & Terri may attend this event and potluck. A morning activity may cancel our attendance.
RSVP'd No: 1
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