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Terri Finch 11-11-2008 12:29 PM

Deadline to get items for Swap Meet into Newsletter 11/19
The Deadline to get your items listed in the December issue
of the Newsletter will be 11/19. They must be received by Terri in order to be put into an article she is designing
for the newsletter that will announce something like:

And at the PAS Swapmeet this December, you may consider
purchasing these awesome treasures:

I will then list the items, with a brief description and
possibly starting bids, provided you supply me with those

And then of course, please attend the PAS meeting
so that we have those items up for SWAP.

So, get those items to me so I have time to create the
article and get it to Don in time for the completion of the

Thank you in advance.
You do not have to be a PAS member to sell your item
at the Swap Meet, or even to buy items.
But you do have to be a current PAS member
to put your items in the newsletter, for free.

If you are going to attend the swap meet and you are not
a PAS member currently,
and you want to bring along an item for sale, please do.
No charge, however, to advertise your item in the newsletter
there is a small donation required.

I'd like to provide this option for each year's swap meet. So,
if you miss advertising this year in the newsletter, please
plan to be included in it for next year's swap meet.

Thank you for sending me that list of items for sale, very quickly.
Have a super day!

Terri Finch 11-13-2008 12:54 PM

Items for Swap Meet
I wish to thank Chet for forwarding me info about his item he plans to have at the PAS Swap Meet at the December PAS meeting.
I am looking for a few others. Why not get in the extra advertising while you can! Send me your items for sale, a brief description and maybe the starting bid. I'll get it into the December issue of the newsletter, no cost to you.
The deadline to get those items to me is 11/19 to allow me a day to
gather them and send them off to Don, for which the Newsletter deadline is 11/20. I would like to include them in one article that will go on the front page
of the newsletter.
Send them to me today!!!

Terri Finch 11-15-2008 03:37 PM

Thanks to those who have contributed
I wish to thank Jerry and Neil
for also sending over their info
for this article.

Please, send them in by 11/19
to be included in the article.

The more interesting items we can post
in that article, the bigger crowd we
can expect at the December PAS meeting.

See you there!!

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All times are GMT -7. The time now is 12:44 AM.
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