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Terri Finch 10-16-2018 12:01 PM

Nov 8 2018 Huge Star Party at BMC
Nov 8 2018 Huge Star Party at BMC

Star Party (Weather Permitting) will be from 6:30 to 9:45pm
on this evening.

RSVP is highly suggested in case weather cancels the star party
for this event, and in case that was the only reason you were
attending this event. RSVP with number in your party to

There will be indoor activities such as:
Indoor activities beginning at 6pm.

* Free Raffle of raffle items remaining from the Oct 11 free raffle - the list of these items is below.

* Meteorite Man with his collection of Touchy, Feely Meteorites. Come touch real rocks from space.

PAS table with:
* Free Raffle
* Q&A for attending Kids ages 0 - 16 - with Prizes
* Treasure Hunt with Prizes (weather permitting) for ages 0 - 16
* Coloring & Activity table - with 3D sticker prizes for art work
(please pick up your art when you leave for the night)

* Plans for outdoor activities will be:
10-14 telescopes set up for your viewing pleasure.
2 rules:
1) Please do not touch the telescopes
2) Please no white light in observing area

PAS Members volunteering to help indoors, please arrive about 5pm for set up.
Telescope set up will be 5:30pm with a start time of 6:30pm.

Terri Finch 10-16-2018 01:19 PM

Raffle Items for the Free Raffle of Nov 8th
Raffle Items for the Free Raffle of Nov 8th

The raffle will happen throughout the night with drawings every hour listed below.
There are currently 23 items being raffled (listed at bottom of this thread).
The indoor events begins at 6pm and ends at 9:45pm.
The Raffle drawings will be at:
7pm: 8 raffle items drawn
8pm: 8 raffle items drawni
9pm: 7 raffle items drawn

23 items divided by 3 drawings = 8 items drawn per hour.

You do not have to be present to win, but please check in at the Raffle table to see if you won anything before you leave for the night.
At 9:45pm, Indoor and Outdoor activities end, and that is the last moment you can check to see if you won an item.

To find out if you won an item, look at your raffle ticket numbers and the color of your ticket. Find its matching ticket taped to the page of raffle items to win. Show Terri you have won. Then, print your name in the space next to your winning ticket. Please also provide your winning ticket to me. Pick up your winning item. Be prepared if a photo is requested.

Please also be patient with the drawing of tickets. I plan to do this slowly starting at the top of the hour and going until all tickets for that hour are drawn.
Please note I will also be doing the Q&A with the attending kids, and doing the Treasure Hunt at the same time. So, as time permits, I will be rather busy doing the whole set of 3 activities.

In trade for a free raffle ticket, you must put your first and last name on a list with your email address and the number in your party. By accepting the raffle ticket, you are giving PAS permission to put your photo, if a photo is taken during the event, into the PAStimes Newsletter with the review of this event. Only one person from each household needs to leave a name and email, printed and readable. I'm using the raffle tickets picked up by the attendees to count the public attendance at this event.
You will receive, a few days after the event, an email asking you to subscribe to the FREE Public Upcoming Astronomy Events List Serv. You do not have to subscribe, and it is a one time email. If you do choose to subscribe to the list serv, you can come and go as you please, managing your account on that list, and you will only receive ONE Email per month with all the upcoming FREE to attend astronomy events PAS is hosting that month.

Also, if you win, you will need to leave a printed name next to your ticket number so that I know which items were successfully won by attendees, and please provide your winning ticket as well. If i list you as a winner in the newsletter, only your first name and last initial will be listed, I promise. As a point of interest, in the review of the Oct 11 event, I did not list the winners. You can see this in the December issue of the PAStimes Newsletter at this link: Also note, my reviews are vague as to who won or participated in this event - unless you are a current PAS Member, and then your first and last name may appear in the newsletter thanking you for your attendance.

Here are the remaining items for the Nov 8th Free Raffle:

* Free Subscriptions to a Astronomy Magazine - Qty: 1
* LROC: Revisiting Exploration Sites - Qty: 4 Posters
* "The Universe" by Neil DeGrasse Tyson - Qty: 1 Book
* "Telescope Observers Guide" by Richard Bartlett - Qty: 1 Book
* "Exploring the Cosmos" by Richard Bartlett - Qty: 1 Book
* Meteorite Campo del Cielo - Qty: 2
* Meteorite Chelyabinsk - Qty: 1
* Az Science Center - Qty: 1 Ticket
* Flandrau Planetarium - 1 Ticket per winner - Qty: 3
* Lowell Observatory - 1 Ticket per winner - Qty: 3
* Cosmic Decoders Card Games - Qty: 1
* Astro Society Pins - Qty: 2 Pins
* Apparel T-shirt: Our Solar System size S - Qty: 1
* Astronomy Gear: PAS Red Light Key Chain - Qty: 1


Terri Finch 11-02-2018 12:16 PM

Update Nov 2:
Just a quick update on the schedule of this event:

Event starts 6pm indoors
I would suggest you arrive around 6pm if you want your FREE Raffle ticket
to win something. Pick up your ticket from me.
Then, enjoy the evening.

PVCC honors students may be having a few activities for the kids indoors.

Outside, the telescopes will be setting up
with a start time of 6:30 for the star party and the star party
concludes at 9:45pm.

Sometime, before you leave for the night, please check back
at the Raffle ticket table and pick up any prizes you have won.
One free ticket per attendee.

The Raffle station will stay set up till 10pm.
So you have time, anytime during the evening to swing by and see if you won.

Everyone is welcome. Bring your friends, family, etc. As long as the weather cooperates, the star party will happen. I'm expecting 10-14 telescopes set up outdoors.
We have 2 rules on the Observing Deck...
1) Do not touch the telescopes
2) Please no white light (including from your cell phone) on the
Observing deck.

Other than that, this event is FREE for everyone.

I'm hoping to go home with NO raffle items left.
Come help that goal happen.

Terri Finch 11-05-2018 04:21 PM

Update as of Nov 5th:
Plans for Nov 8th Huge Event at Black Mountain Campus of PVCC
Location: 60th Street and Carefree Hwy
This event is Free and open to the public

1) No TOUCHING the telescopes
2) No white light in the observing area.

When it comes to kids, we have a 3rd rule:
3) No horseplay around the observing area... no running, no chasing, no kicking up dirt.

I have your RSVp for 3 to attend this Thursday's star party at BMC.
IF and it doesn't look like it will, but IF the weather turns bad and have to cancel the star party
portion of the event, an email will get to you by 4pm the day of the event to tell you this info.

Weather for this event is looking great as of today.
And I will have 2 fun things for kids to do..

1) We are doing a Treasure Hunt with a Prize for completion - Ages 3 to 18.
2) I will be doing Q&A with the kids, 2 prize limit, prizes are for correct answers and
if answer is not correct, we discuss it so the correct answer is known - Ages 0 to 16..

The indoor activities begin at 6pm and go to 10pm
I will have the FREE Raffle items for pickup, up to 10pm.
The Outdoor activities begin at 6:30pm to 9:45pm.

You can come and go as you please, arrive early, look through every scope a minimum of 2 times, then drift
by the Raffle table, see if your free raffle ticket matches a winning ticket, and then have a great evening!

Terri, Event Manager

Please Subscribe to the Phoenix Astronomical Society Free Upcoming Public Events Once a Month List at

PS: I will be updating the Raffle Items availble for this event, soon.

Terri Finch 11-05-2018 04:25 PM

Public RSVP's for this event:
Here are the Public RSVP's for this event:

* Aly A
* Doug B + 1
* Heather P + 2
* Amy R + 2
* Paul & Joan
* Prashai
* Charlie F + 2
* Avian D + 1
* Bonnie M + 3
* Gary O + 1
* Kay F + 1

Terri Finch 11-08-2018 11:54 AM

Tonight's event has a change in schedule
New Schedule for tonight:

PVCC is requesting we are off the campus tonight by 10pm. So here's tonight's time frame for the BMC event.

5pm is set up for indoor activities
5:30 is set up for star party because the winds are scheduled to become too much, later in the evening, and so we are attempting to start a little earlier so we have enough viewing time.

6pm is start of indoor activities
6:30pm is start of star party

Everything ends at 9:30pm tonight, indoor and outdoor.

The Public needs to pick up their raffle winnings, and prizes for doing the Treasure Hunt before 9:30pm when I pack up.

PAS Members received an email, today, about the Raffle and picking up their prizes.

Sorry for any inconvenience. See you there tonight!

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 02:50 AM.

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 02:50 AM.
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