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Terri Finch 04-11-2017 10:31 AM

Huge Public Star Party - Free - Apr 20 2017
Huge Public Star Party - Free - Apr 20 2017
This event is from 8pm to 9:45pm only

set up for the telescope team is at 7pm

The public should meet at the top of the hill in the paring lot to the left of the Aquila Building and talk with Terri at the PAS Table and Mike with his meteorites until 8pm when eveyrone will be allowed to go down the hill to the observing deck.

Why the delay? Because the event set up time also has vehicles going up and down the lit walking path and until we are set up, we prefer to not have anyone waiting on the scope set up. So, please visit with Mike and Terri at the top of the hill until it is time to go down to view through the telescopes.

If you haven't been to the BMC previously, or didn't know this info.... the Aquila building has nice bathrooms, water fountains and chairs to sit down. However, if you go in the building, please come outdoors and let your eyes adjust to the dark before you try to look through the telescopes.
Dark adaption takes about 20 minutes for younger eyes and longer the older you are. After about 10 minutes you can see through the scopes for brighter objects such as planets and the Moon, but for fainter objects, you will need the whole dark adaption time if you want to see what we are showing you.

Also, please do not have any white light around the observing area. If you need to take a phone call or make a phone call, take your phone away from the observing area so that the white light of your phone does not disrupt anyone from enjoying the views through the telescopes.

This event is FREE and open to everyone. Bring the whole family. RSVP is very highly requested in case we need to cancel due to weather. A cancel notice will go out to those who RSVP at The notice goes out by 4pm the day of the event. Earlier if we can be sure the weather will be bad. If no notice comes to your phone that day, the event is good to go. You can also check the PAS calendar before heading over to the event. Again, the cancel notice will be hopefully posted to the site by 4pm the day of the event. When you RSVP, provide a first name and the number in your party. No additional info is needed for RSVP for this event.

Here is the link monitor for this event:

We hope to see you there, and we are hoping for awesome weather that night. If you see a forecast for clouds, go outside and blow them away, please. : )

Terri Finch 04-11-2017 10:34 AM

Current RSVP's for this event - Apr 20 2017 BMC
Current RSVP's for this event

We have 2 rules you must follow at this event:
1) Please DO NOT TOUCH the telescopes
2) Have fun!

Carol + 8: (P)
Frizbie + 4 (E)
Stolfa + 4 (E)
Caitlan + 2 (E)
Brenda + 5 (E)
Judy + 4 (E)
Jason (E)
Emily T + 3 (E)
William G + 1 (E)
Lance M + 3 (E)
Tom C + 1 (E)
Ann F + 5 (E)
Thomas C (E)
Shafeeq (MU)
Patricia T + 1 (E)
Nadine B + 1 (E)
Ashley B + 1 (E)
Alicia S + 3 (E)
Susan Tr + 1 (E)
Amy C (E)
Bill & Jean, PAS Members
Bonnie M + 1 (E)
Jillian D + 1 (E)
Nadine + 1 (P)
Kyle W + 5 (E)
Hope C + 1 (E)
Kris W + 1 (E)

Attending Telescopes:

Sam 8"
George 8"
Ray 10"
Howard 8"
Pete 12"
Tom 6"
Mark 5.5"
Mike 8"

Additional PAS Member attendance:

At top of Hill:

Mike with Meteorites to touch, feel and learn about

More PAS Attendance:

Paul - Vehicle Guide

E = Email - Preferred method of RSVP
MU = Meet up
P = Phone

Please note reasons a star party may be cancelled:

1) High winds that can blow over telescopes - in excess of 10mph, may cancel this event.

2) Rain of any type, drizzle or downpour, will definitely cancel this event.

3) Too much cloud cover predicted during the event time of 8pm to 9:30pm. Usually 40% clouds or more, could cancel this event.

Watch this Forum Thread and the Calendar posting to make sure event is happening.

It is highly requested that you RSVP via email, so that if we have to cancel due to weather, you will get the email notice saying that the event is cancelled, so you don't drive to the location expecting to see through the telescopes that are not there.

RSVP's and not touching the telescopes, help PAS to keep this event FREE to attend.

All RSVP's and questions should be sent via email to with your first name and the number in your party. NO other info is needed.

Terri Finch 04-18-2017 11:44 AM

Weather update from Sam:
The following are 6 weather forecasts for Thursday night Apr 20 at BMC as of 8 am Tues Apr 18, morning:

NOAA 1% clouds 16 mph winds 0% rain

TWC 10% 9 mph 0%

Weather und 0% 6 mph 0%

Accuweather 0% 7 mph 0%

Clearoutside 0% 6 mph 0% 10% 14 mph 0%

No cloud or rain problems. Wind is something to watch. Will update Thurs morning. Sam

Terri Finch 04-20-2017 11:18 AM

Apr 20 2017: Tonight's Star Party at BMC is a GO!!!
Apr 20 2017: Tonight's Star Party at BMC is a GO!!!

star party is from 8 to 9:45 pm

Here's the forecast:

The following are 6 weather forecasts as of 7 am Thursday morning for tonight at BMC PVCC PAS star party:

NOAA 0% clouds 6 mph winds 0% rain

TWC 10% 5 mph 0%

Weather undgd 0% 5 mph 0%

Accuweather 0% 7 mph 0%

Clear outside 0% 6 mph 0% 10% 8 mph 0%

The above shows no cloud, wind or rain problems tonight. Set up is at 7 pm and the star party is from 8 to 9:45 pm.

Please remember the rules:
1) Do not touch the telescopes
2) Look through all the telescopes many times + Enjoy

Please wait until 8pm before walking down the path to the observing deck as vehicles will be going up and down that path to set up their equipment. Thank you.

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 12:12 AM.

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 12:12 AM.
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