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Terri Finch 11-06-2017 11:49 AM

Huge Public Star Party Nov 9 2017 at BMC of PVCC
Huge Public Star Party Oct 19 2017 at PVCC
7pm to 9:45pm

Come look through our high powered telescopes at some great galaxies, nebulae, and more.

There will be in door activites from 6pm to 7pm for all ages.
Location: Aquila building

Star Party begins at 7pm, please do not go down to the observation deck
until the star party begins. There will be vehicles unloading equipment. Pleae be patient for your safety.
To keep this event FREE to attend, we ask that you DO NOT TOUCH THE TELESCOPES.

Bring the whole family.
No White light is allowed in the observing area. This includes the use of your cell phone white light to navigate, or take or make calls. Please walk away from the observing area if you have to take/make a call.

RSVP is highly recommended in case bad weather cancels this event.
You will then get an email by 4pm the day of the event telling you
the event has become cancelled and why.

Email to RSVP with the number in your party.

Attending Telescopes:

Don 8"
Pete 12"
Eric 22"
Sam & Frank 16"
Calvin 6"
Rick 8"
Ray 80mm

Additional PAS Helpers:

Paul - Vehicle Guide & Don's ride
Ron - Vehicle Guide
Mike C ?

Additional Activities:
From 6pm to 7pm inside the Aquila building will be fun activities for all ages. PAS will provide:
Mike with touchy feely meteorites
Terri with PAS info, demos, [b]Q&A with prizes for kids
There is a 2 prize limit. Any young person age 0 - 16 can come to the PAS table, mention you saw this notice on the PAS website for a free PAS Bookmark, and be asked a question related to Astronomy. Upon the correct answer, a prize is given. If the answer is not correct, we discuss the answer so you leave with the proper answer.
Q&A will go on like this until 2 prizes have been awarded, or the star party begins and then the PAS Table moves outdoors.
There will be no Q&A outdoors, so get your Q&A prizes while the PAS Table is indoors.

At 7-7:30pm, Mike and Terri will move to the top of the ramp to the observing deck, outside, with same set up minus the Q&A.

Attending RSVP's:

Don W.
Shannon A + 1
Richard M + 1
Jack J + 1

(MU) = Meet up
(Ph) = Via Phone
All other RSVP's are via Email.
This is for my notes of attendance, in case we have to cancel the event, I need to know how to contact those who have RSVP'd with me.

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 11:39 PM.

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 11:39 PM.
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