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Old 10-19-2009, 01:07 PM
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Default YEAR IN SPACE CALENDAR 2010 order deadline Nov 5th PAS meeting

This awesome little calendar is great for your use or to give as a gift. It sits on your desk with a week at a glance, and an awesome image of Space with a great description below the image. Please check out the calendar on line.

PAS will be placing an order for these calendars. Our goal is to place an order of 10 calendars, so that each calendar will cost us only $10 a piece. If we don't reach the goal of 10 calendars, we will need to pay $11 a piece for them. If we can take in 35 orders, we can get them for $9 a piece, but that hasn't happened yet... however, if you are at all interested in this calendar, order yours today!

How to order. Email Terri at right away. Since we haven't reached our goal of $10/calendar, let me know if you are ok with paying $11 for it, or if you want to be on the list for only $10. That means if we don't have anyone who wants it for $11, we will cancel the order. If we have any for $11 the order goes through, but those who want it for $10 are removed from the list.

Payment, in cash is due at the Nov 5th PAS meeting.
I will be placing the order Nov 19th after the Meeting of the Minds.
That gives you two events to catch me at to get the cash to me.
Cash in hand before I place the order.
When you pay, until we have 10 calendars on order, give me the $11,
and i will reimburse you $1 if we get it for $10 each, with 10 calendars ordered.

I need to get the order placed sooner than later. It takes Year In Space about 2 weeks to get the box to me. Once it is received, an email
will go out to those who ordered, and we will get together to get the calendar to you at either a future event, or if you are in my travel area,
I can deliver, or you can pick up from the Metro Center Mall area.

I need to know who is ordering, how many calendars are being ordered,
and get the cash, and then the order will be place. I hope you
will join us in ordering this awesome little calendar. I've found it very useful.
I use the moon phases to plan PAS events. I use the calendar, the data that is provided, to figure out holidays, etc. I love the photos, and enjoy this calendar very much.

Remember, this makes an awesome gift. The discount from Year in Space comes to us by ordering 10 calendars sent to the same address. You can order yours individually for $12 if you want, plus shipping. Why do that when you can get it through PAS instead!!! And Cheaper!

Thanks for your order. Please order one today!
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
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