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Old 07-10-2018, 10:21 AM
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Default July 10 update for Saturday July 14 Star Party

July 14, 2018
Public Star Party in Carefree

Weather update as of July 10:
Before you jump to any conclusion that the event would be cancelled, please note that Tuesday (today) is too far away from Saturday to have an accurate weather prediction. But, I'm looking at the weather this soon to get an idea of what to expect.
As of 10am on July 10...
The viewing portion of the event starts at 7pm and goes to WhenEver...
the last event we had, went to 2am, and everyone attending is welcome to stay that late, if they wish.
So, looking at the weather from 7pm to midnight, just so we have an idea of what to expect, I see:

7pm shows no rain but 60% cloud cover (not good) and 88 degrees which will be nice, and 9mph winds (which is ok).

8pm is about the same as 7pm

9pm shows:
88 degrees
40% chance of rain - which usually means it will rain
64% cloud cover - not good
Winds at 8mph - not bad

10pm & 11pm have:
More rain happening
More clouds
winds about the same

PAS is monitoring the weather for this event. If you RSVP'd to attend, keep an eye on your email starting Friday for an update. On Saturday, I will send out a notice of if the star party is ON or Off based on weather.

General rule of thumb for Weather in the Phoenix area:
No more than 10mph winds
No clouds are preferred but up to 20% cloud cover can usually mean a successful star party
No precip is preferred, but if the chances of rain are below 20%, it usually means there may not be rain happening that night.

We are hoping for clear skies. If you have a moment, go outside and blow away the clouds and rain so we can have a wonderful event. More updates will come your way soon.
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