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Old 07-31-2017, 11:17 AM
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Default Solar Eclipse of Aug 21: Details of Event

Solar Eclipse of Aug 21 update of July 31:

Keep an eye on the weather. Starting Aug 14th, My Weather Watching Team will be monitoring the weather, and as long as it isn't high winds, super cloudy, or rainy, the event will happen. For the day of the event, I will have an auto reply set up in my email, possibly by the night before. If the weather looks questionable for the event, toss an email my way to so you get the auto response that will say if the event is on or cancelled.

To make this event more fun for everyone, plan to spend part of your day in the Arizona Science Center. PAS will be all outdoors, but we encourage you to spend time indoors as well. The maximum seen from AZ will be about 10:30am. If you want to make it an interesting day, I'd suggest getting to ASC about 9am when the eclipse starts to happen. This way, you can say you saw the beginning of the eclipse. Then, about 10:20 to 10:40 spend time outdoors with PAS watching the eclipse get to maximum. Since we expect a crowd at that time, you might want to come out of ASC a little earlier, but this way you can say you saw Maximum. Then, the ending of the eclipse will be about noon, so hop outside one more time about 11:45 to watch the end of the eclipse. Then spend the rest of the day in ASC enjoying some great things they have to offer.

ASC has a restaurant to buy snacks, if you get hungry. There's a wall to sit on outside of the science center while you wait for maximum or for the line of people to go down.

PAS plans for the Eclipse viewing time:

Rick 8" scope with solar filter
Terri Demos, Handouts, Q&A
Alex will be creating a Real-time graph of light and temp
Roger 81mm with solar filter
William (maybe with PST)?

The weather that could cancel this event is:
1) Too many clouds to see the Sun, especially during Maximum
2) Hard rain - a light rain and not too many clouds, we may still do the event
3) High winds - if it is too windy or has gusts of wind this day, it could blow over our expensive telescopes and break them, plus our canopies will not be tied down on the cement.

More details to follow.
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