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Default PAS at ASC, Ch 3 News & KJZZ Radio

PAS will be at the Arizona Science Center on Aug 21.

Ch 3 News will be doing coverage of the this event from 9am to about noon.

KJZZ Radio has asked for an interview, recorded and sent to them. Here's what i provided them in a recording just this morning, Aug 17. This is my script.

Hi, this is Terri Finch, I'm the Event Manager for the Phoenix Astronomical Society. On Monday, Aug 21 there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse as seen from Phoenix.

What is a Partial Solar Eclipse? A Partial Eclipse is when the Moon does not cover the Sun completely, but the viewing of this eclipse will be just as exciting as seeing a Total Solar Eclipse. A Total Eclipse is when the Moon covers the Sun 100%. For those of us who could not schedule time off of work, and a trip out of Phoenix to see the Total Eclipse from Washington, Oregon and other locations in the Eclipse path of Totality, the Arizona Science Center has teamed up with the Phoenix Astronomical Society to show the Solar Eclipse from 9am to 12pm. That's on Aug 21st from 9 in the morning to noon.

The Phoenix Astro Soc will be in Heritage Square providing views of the eclipse through safely filtered Solar Telescopes. We will also have Sun and Moon Demos, Q&A for the Kids with prizes, and for the first 20 Families that attend and check in at the PAS Table under the Blue Canopies, we will have Free Solar Viewing Glasses.

More details about this event can be found on our website at That's PAS which stands for Phoenix Astronomical Society, and then AZ which is short for Arizona dot Org.

The Eclipse will have this schedule: At about 913 Monday morning, The Sun & Moon will make 1st Contact, then, if you do not view anything else on this eclipse morning, you will want to view through Solar Eclipse glasses or thru our Solar Filtered Telescopes, from about 10:25am to 10:40am to catch Maximum coverage of 60% at 10:33am. The End of the Eclipse is 12:03pm.

If you plan to view the Solar Eclipse, you need to use Solar Viewing Glasses, or a Solar Filtered Telescope to safely see the Eclipse. Please do not look at the Sun without protection. And do not look through a telescope with only Solar Viewing Glasses as this will definitely damage your eyes. Telescopes need to have proper Solar Filters to be safe for viewing the Sun.

When using Solar Viewing Glasses, put the glasses on while looking away from the Sun, view the sun for short amounts of time, then look away to remove the glasses, for the safety of your eyes.

The telescopes & binoculars PAS will be providing at this event will have Solar Filters on them such that the filter allows about 100th of a percent of Sunlight to get through to your eyes. This is a safe amount that will not damage your eyes, but remember to view the Sun briefly no matter what solar viewing protection you are using. It is safer to view the Sun for a only couple seconds at a time. On the Phx Astro Soc website are other ways to experience this eclipse without looking directly at the Sun.

Solar Eclipses occur in pairs. The next Partial Solar Eclipses as seen from Phoenix will be Oct 14, 2023 and Apr 8, 2024. In 2044 and 2045 will be the next 2 really good Partial Solar Eclipses as seen from Phoenix. Total Solar Eclipses are rare and there are no Total Solar Eclipses happening as seen from Phoenix in the next 100 years.

A total eclipse is an experience everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. A friend of mine was telling me that he has attended 2 Total Eclipses, by going to the path of Totality, and due to the weather and cloud coverage at the viewing location he went to, he has not witnessed 1 solar eclipse successfully.

So, bring your whole family to see the Partial Solar Eclipse at the Arizona Science Center. Make a Day of it starting with the Phoenix Astronomical Society for the Eclipse and then enjoy the rest of the day in the Arizona Science center. More details can be found on the Phx Astro Soc website. That website is We hope to see you at the Arizona Science Center for this rare astronomical event!
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