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Old 10-17-2018, 02:30 PM
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Default Partnership Idea: Stellar Adventures wants PAS Telescopes

Good morning PAS Star Tour Members
(You must be a Star Tour member to be involved with this partnership)

I was contacted by Natalie on Oct 16, 2018.

She works for Stellar Adventures and would like to hire PAS Telescope Team members do fill in from time to time doing events for her company.

I asked a ton of questions and the most important answers came back to me as this:

Currently, we ask the astronomer to be available for 1 hour with groups of 4-10 people.
For this we pay the astronomer $180. The location for the set up can be seen at the following link (no physical address, as it is Tonto National Forest land):

Stargazing Area - this didn't copy over as a link, so let me find it for you and give you the link.!1m0!3e0?hl=en

For groups larger than 10 people we ask the astronomer to be available for 2 hours and pay $475.

Payment can be in the form of check or cash, whatever is preferred.

Now, I would like to know if any of the Star Tour members have an interest in working through Stellar Adventures to do events?
I have told her what PAS can offer, and I will send her the Booking Doc to make it happen (formatted for her hiring needs) plus I will send her the Value Added Presenter info in case she wants to hire a Presenter, as well.

Here's some data you may wish to know. The location is in the Tonto Nat Forest. It will take about an hour from PVCC to Tonto, based on Google Maps. If you are closer to Tonto, it will be less time.
All events will be set up by ME - the Event Manager - and sign ups will happen the same way as they do now, where by All availble Star Tour members sign up, the Rotation List will be used to determine who gets the event next. Since it might be short notice to the events happening, like under a week, I highly suggest there be some wiggle room for me to fill the position possibly within 24 hours of putting it on the site, and not worry about the Rotation list unless many scopes are availble for that night.

I mostly want your input in this forum thread. If you are interested in taking this type of event... reply in this forum thread so I have your preference. Prices are not negotiable. And she did say she can pay in Check or Cash,
so i will work on that with her. I'm afraid with all she already does and sets up, that a check might be a better way to go and have it mailed, if not hand delivered the night of the event, to me so I can mark it as having been received. We can discuss this detail later.

Look at the pricing above:
In brief:
1 hour $180 with 4 - 10 people
2 hours $475 for 10+ people

I will suggest she have 2 scopes there if the group is larger than 10 people so the scopes can show more than one object and really WOW the guests.

I need your input by the end of day Sunday Oct 21 so I can set this up with Natalie for those who want to do this type of event.

Remember, this requires the all Black Dress Code, please and your Name Badge.

Reply even if you don't want to do this type of event so I know you got the info. Thanks.
Have a very super Wednesday evening!
Terri, Event Manager

Please note: Confirming you are interested in doing this type of event does not mean you are doing it, nor does it mean you are committing to doing it. It has to work out in your schedule as well as Stellar Adventures schedule. You aren't committing to anything right now until you RSVP to do an actual event. This is only an Inquiry and it is a way for me to find out if we have enough scopes to make it worth setting up agreements with Stellar Adventures. If i don't get a couple scopes who want to do this type of event, in a reply email or through this forum thread, then I will decline working through Stellar Adventures.
Also, if you want to do the event, make sure you look at the Pay for the event. Those amounts were quoted to me and that is what I expect to come in, in the check made out to Phoenix Astronomical Society, or in Cash handed to you AT the event....
So, for now, i'm only inquiring as to if there is interest within our Telescope Team to do this type of event.
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
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