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Old 11-06-2008, 09:40 AM
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Default Who's the next Guest Speaker for PAS?


There are four places to find this info.

If you are looking to find out who our next Guest Speaker is,
at our monthly, 1st Thursday PAS Meetings at PVCC in the Library,
then visit one, if not all four of these links.

1) Check that month's Newsletter. The Newsletter comes out
once a month, Sept - May, and one in the summer time around
July. You can find it definitely by a week before the meeting,
sometimes earlier. Just visit the Newsletter link and download
the current issue.

2) If the newsletter isn't posted yet, or you want additional information,
I created, a while ago, a page that informs you - not only of
who the Guest Speaker is, but also some additional information if it is
available, such as their affiliation, maybe a website that talks about them,
some other info that you might want to know about. It comes out
in a flier to the public, but for those accessing the internet, you can
click on the links and find out more about our upcoming Guest Speakers.
To find this doc, without using the above link: Go to the "Downloads"
Section of the site. Choose "Fliers and info", then on page 2 of that area,
look for a Doc labeled "PAS Speaker Line-Up." As the
Speaker info changes, I update this page. So, as long as we have a
Speaker scheduled, the info is there to view.

3) Then we have another location you can find info about the Guest Speaker, quickly. In the same section "Downloads" you can go on page 1, currently, and find a document named "PAS Upcoming Events to 2009." The Doc is currently labeled "to 2009," but that may change as we get closer to 2010 and I have to update for another year. I keep this doc updated as events are added or changed within our schedule. The name of this Doc may change in the future due to the year but the link will stay the same, so use it to get your info as well.

Now, you have 3 ways to get the current info on not only the PAS Guest Speakers, but also the events that are happening in PAS. You can always visit the PAS Calendar here on the website, as that is the most accurate
up-to-date info. We'd love to see everyone at the PAS events. I try to make
it very easy to find the info you are looking for. Feel free to download any, if
not all of the locations I've given you and check back to see if a newer doc
has been added to the files often (info on when the doc was added is in the comments section at the location of the download). Please remember, these events are not set in stone, and so if something comes up that changes an event, your best bet is to double check the on-site calendar for changes. However, if a change does occur, I usually announce it in this forum so everyone knows ahead of time.

4) Found one more location. I had made a document for just PVCC events for those who attend PVCC and want to know the events that are local to that school. This Document is called PAS Events at PVCC to Dec 2009 and can be found in the downloads section of the site under "Fliers and Info," on page 1, currently.

Thank you for visiting the 5 links above. Please have a super day!
Terri, Event Coordinator

Should you need to change or update an event, send changes right to me at Or if you wish to schedule an event with PAS.... That's what I do!!! I'll see you in email and at the PAS Events!

All files have been updated as of 11/6 at noon. If you visited the files prior to this time, you might want to download
the new updated files now. : )

PS: This page was inspired by a PAS Member asking me who the next speaker is instead of doing the research to find the info on the site, for which the site was designed. If PAS Members who use the site often can't find the info on who the next speaker is, then maybe we need to make our site a little easier to search for info. Thus, I give you the 5 links above to help in that search. Now the info can be found by searching for it in the Forums. I write about it in the Forums so it can be searched and found by the public. Enjoy!
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
Private Music Instructor: Music Lessons in your home

Last edited by Terri Finch; 11-06-2008 at 11:57 AM. Reason: Remembered a 4th location to find Speaker info on line, updated the files, then found typos.
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