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Old 07-18-2008, 08:40 AM
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Default Canceled Star Parties Notification

Hey all,

I just discovered something really cool.

I had signed up to be reminded of an event on the calendar.

How do u do this?

Let's say you click on the star party info for tonight on the calendar.
As I did.

In the upper right corner is " Request Reminder for this Event"
If you Click on it it gives you options.

The range being from 1 hour reminder to 3 days.

Now, Because I marked the event I was talking about, it happens to be the photo shoot for this Saturday (for which only PAS members would be attending but this pertains to anything in the calendar) because I marked it
as remind me a few days prior... When I had put in Canceled yesterday,
it came up today in my email with a notice that says "Reminder: PAS Photo Shoot - Date 1 of 2 CANCELED"

What this could be useful for is if you need to know an event is canceled prior to driving out there, ask for a 1 hour notice to arrive in your email and if the title of the event does not says Canceled, it is happening. I'll be sure
to put the canceled notices right into the title for quick finding.

Most star parties are canceled within an hour of start time, sooner if it is a further away location such as the Mayer star parties, or BCC star parties. IF PAS is canceling them, then the notice gets put out as soon as we can. We try to call those off with time to catch everyone who RSVP'd.

Chris said he'd work on seeing if he can add a function that if a new date is added to the calendar, or an old one is updated, that a notice gets emailed to all RSVP's for that event. I'm hoping he can do that.

The back up plan is that just before you leave to go to the star party, double check to see that it is going to happen. Go to the calendar and click on the event to be sure we are having it. Or, since I have been putting in the RSVP person's name, call them if the sky isn't looking so great.

Most local star parties have Rod as the RSVP. I've chosen to give him the phone calls about the star parties locally because his work is down town and most of the time, he can call me and have me change the status of a star party anytime during the day.... (except Mon, Tues & Wed & possibly Saturday), from work, where he can see the storms coming in before they get to Phoenix. He's been very good at predicting the weather based on what he sees headed our way. So, if it is a local star party, Rod is the one to call for confirmation. He is also doing the star parties in Black Canyon City.

So, that's one way you can track if a star party is canceled. It isn't the best way, but it will help out if the event is far enough away that you can get notice of it.

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!!!

See you at Bookman's this weekend - rain or shine!
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
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