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Old 10-16-2017, 12:37 PM
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Default Public Event: Bino Class & Meteor Shower Party Oct 21 2017

Public Event: Bino Class & Meteor Shower Party Oct 21 2017

Event is free to everyone to attend, however, a donation to the Host of the party is always appreciated. Please put your donations in the Telescope Can on the Food Counter in the kitchen. Donations help these events happen and stay free to attend.

We are having a potluck prior to this event starting at 5:30.
You do not have to partake in our potluck, however, if you do
wish to EAT at the event, even after the potluck has concluded,
you must supply food to the event.

Those attending and wanting to partake in food at this Poltuck
should bring a main dish to share & a Drink to share (no alcohol).

Examples: Something you would eat as a stand alone meal, like pizza, a casserole, or a Meat (like rotisserie chicken) and a side (cole slaw, or potato salad) etc.
1) Pizza
2) Casserole
3) Meat & side dish

Also, you should provide a minimum of a 6 pack of drink (no alcohol ) or a 2 liter bottle of something, or bring 6 bottles of bottled water. Why 6? We figure if you arrive at 5:30 for the potluck and stay until 11:30, that is probably about how much you would drink during the event, so please provide a drink to share, in the amount of no less than 1 liter or 6 bottles, or cans, please.
1) 6 individual non alcoholic drinks such as soda or bottled water
2) 1 2-liter bottle of a drink

Then, at 7pm we will begin the Bino Class. Those who RSVP'd to attend, should gather with chairs, binos, red flashlights, and a Star Chart to mark where your objects were found, and a pencil.

Check in with Terri upon your arrival to pick up your star charts and pencils. BYO Red flashlight. You can borrow Mike's chairs, or byo.

It is suggested that if you are attending the Bino Class but not the potluck, you need to arrive by 6:30 to find parking while there is still light outside to see where you are parking. You don't want to park in a cactus.

Also, closed toe shoes are highly suggested and only RED filtered flashlights please. No white light around the observing area, provided by your cell phone. This is a dark sky location, and we need to keep it dark for this event.

Mike has tons of chairs, but if you have a chair that can lay back such as a gravity chair, you might want to bring it for viewing the Meteor Shower and for the Bino Class.

The night will progress following this Agenda:

5:30 potluck
7PM Bino Class
During and after Bino Class will be Meteor Shower viewing
11:30 is the end of this event, but if you wish to stay later, just let Mike know and he is usually open to the idea.
He may wish to go to bed, and lock up the house, but you are most likely welcome to continue viewing until you wish to go home.

This event is now open to everyone, and we keep it KID Friendly. No cussing, no alcohol, and NO SMoking in the observing area, or near the house, please.

Parking is limited. If you are bringing a telescope, you get to park at the back of the house, nearest the observing area.
If you have no telescope, you need to park out front of Mike's house and when that gets filled up, parking is in the Wash below Mike's house.
This info will be provided to the public upon their RSVP with a map and directions so that when you arrive, if you find the dirveway is overloaded with vehicles, please proceed to the "wash" to park.

RSVP is required. Here's how you RSVP:

PAS Members, RSVP in the Private Calendar, here's the link:

To judge the parking situation, Mike and I NEED to know you are attending. Please, let me know you are attending, and if you are bringing a scope so you can have the back of the house to park in.

Public attendance: you MUST drop me an email by Friday at, end of day, to RSVP so I have time to send you Mike's address in Carefree and the map with parking directions. Include the number in your party and let me know how many of your party will participate in the Binocular Class.

If you choose to Join PAS, membership forms will be availble. For attending this event, you can get $5 off membership which will include the rest of 2017 and all of 2018.

We hope you can attend this public event.

If you are attending to just watch the meteor shower, a 6:30pm arrival time is requested so that no vehicle lights shine to the back of the house (observing area) once it is dusk. White light destroys night vision and it takes the average adult 20 minutes to dark adapt their eyes. It takes longer the older you are.

We hope to see you there.
If you have any questions about this event, email me by Friday. Once you RSVP, I will confirm your attendance and send you mike's address and directions as everyone gets lost getting there due to Google Maps not knowing where Mike lives.

Note, this location is not wheel chair friendly.
Closed toed shoes are highly recommended because Mike has super friendly jumping cactus on his property.
And make a note that this location is about 10-15 degrees cooler than being in Phoenix, so plan to have a light jacket with you.

There may be attendance of telescopes at this event for your viewing pleasure. The only rule we have is PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE TELESCOPES. But, feel free to enjoy the views though as many scopes as you can during the night, and listen for announcements of objects found, so you can go see them once the scope operator/owner finds them.

This event is also WEATHER PERMITTING which means, if it is too windy, raining, or too cloudy, this event may become cancelled. A notice, to those who RSVP'd (so make sure you RSVP your attendance), will go out by 4pm the day of the event, if this event has to be canceled due to weather. We try to get the notice out earlier, but by 4pm, you should have a notice in your email IF the event becomes cancelled.

As of 10/17: The weather is not looking great, but it might clear up into the night. Keep an eye here for updates about the weather and the status of this event.
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
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