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Old 03-29-2013, 10:14 AM
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Default Public Star Party in Carefree Apr 13 2013

Public Star Party in Carefree Apr 13 2013

Mike is hosting 3 parts to this event.

RSVP is with Mike, so all public needs to call or email Mike for directions to his home in carefree: or 480-488-3031.

1) The public portion of this event is from 7:30 to 9pm. Why? Because that will be the perfect time to see some great objects in the night sky like Venus, the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Dark is at 7:45.

We'd love to have the public bring a main dish to share and join us for the potluck at 5pm. What better way to get to know the astronomers who will give you an awesome tour of the night sky, on this evening.

Weather permitting. If you think the weather is questionable, drop an email to Terri at If the event is canceled, please be sure Mike has taken down your phone number to call you and let you know we have canceled the event due to weather. It is up to you to make sure MIke has your contact info for a return, cancellation phone call. You can always call Mike again, right before you leave your house and find out if the event is happening or not. Only WEATHER will cancel this event.

2) The second part of this event is for PAS Members only. That part is called the Night Sky Training Session. We will beging it at 9pm. The public is welcoem to stick around, however, we will not be showing that many objects as quickely as we were during the Public portioin of this event.

What is the Night Sky Training Session? Recently, it was decided that to make star parties more fun for all the PAS Members who have a scope, newbies and expereienced telescope operators, we would hold a training session that teaches those who are not sure how to find objects in the night sky, to do so. This is the first of our many Training Sessions. You have to be a PAS member to be involved in the session, but you do not have to be a Member to view through the scopes during this session. However, keep in mind, all scopes involved in this Training Session will be on the same object at the same time. Now, if you were in the market to buy a scope, this would be an awesome event to attend, as you'd have eveery socpe availble on one object and could do comparisons as to which telescope would fit your needs. Do you need an 8" to see what you want to see, or a 12"? Would you want a certain type of mount? Maybe you want to learn about filters. That is what we are teching and learning at this session. So, the speed at which you will see objects dimimnishes once we are all set up for the start of the training session which begins at 9pm. We ask that if you stay to observe, you pay attention to which scopes are in the Training Session and which onese are there for the Dark Sky Star Party, because the ones in the training session will not be moving to a lot of objects once 9pm has arrived. There will be a few PAS Members there who will be doing the Training Session with the rest of the Class but will also be willing to show other objects between doing the class objects. Feel free to stay past 9pm if you don't mind waiting to see new objects as the Class gets to them.

3) Dark Sky viewing.

Originally we set this event up as totally Private, but it was decided at our last meeting, we would open it to the public because of the awesome line up of planets and other objects that can be seen on this night, that will be spectacular!

RSVP is required. Be sure to mention to Mike how many are in your party. And let him know if you are attending and bringing food for the potluck, and mention your arrival time. Parking for the public is at the front of the house. Do not come around the back, and if you arrive after dark, your headlights need to be off as you arrive. Drive slowly and carefully.
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