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Old 04-20-2018, 01:05 PM
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Default Summer Star Parties in Carefree 2018

PAS Currently is hosting 3 Public Star Parties held in Carefree.
Remember, these events are Weather Permitting.

See these calendar listings to know more about these events.

May 19, 2018

Public RSVP's:

* Dawn R + 1 - arriving about 7pm

PAS Member RSVP's:

* Mike - Host of party
* Rick 8"

June 16, 2018

This event is happening, however, the star party portion of this event is cancelled. Instead, due to too thick of cloud cover, we will have an open discussion about astronomy.
RSVP is open. Call for directions: 480 488 3031.
Those who have RSVP'd are sent the directions to the location in Carefree with the change in plans. The potluck has been cancelled, but the event is now beginning at 6pm.

Please note:
1) no telescopes will be able to see through the clouds
2) This will be an indoor event where by there will be an astronomy availble to talk about and answer questions about:
a) Meteorites
b) Telescopes
c) Cosmology / astronomy
d) The event now begins at 6pm with no potluck.

Public RSVP's:

* AK (MU)
* Aneesha (MU)
* Lori (MU)
* Jeff R. Arriving 8:30pm
* Veronica R.
* Wyatt & Susan H
* Christine J.
* Janet & Bruce M.

PAS Member RSVP's:

* William & Terri will attend Potluck & Lecture
* Mike - Host of Party
* Pete 12"

Update June 15: As of Friday, June 15, the rain and clouds may cancel this event. Be sure to drop me an RSVP in case I need to cancel this event. The cancel notice will go out to those who RSVP'd in the morning of June 16, hopefully before 11am, via email. What I am seeing in the forecast is too many clouds to see anything on this night.
The host of the party is saying that even if the star party part of this event is cancelled, he would like to talk astronomy with those who do attend.

July 14, 2018
Public Star Party in Carefree

Public RSVP's:

* Cheryl W.
* Ana (MU) + 2
* Holley (MU)
* Karl N.
* A K (MU)
* Julie D

PAS Member RSVP's:

* William and Terri will attend Potluck & Star Party
* Mike - Host of Party
* Rick 12" scope
* Ted ?

MU = Through Meet Up
PH = Via Phone
Em = Via Email - this is the default - so if not listed, it is an RSVP via Email
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
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