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Old 03-02-2016, 12:00 PM
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Default Inquires about upcoming Public & Private events - in general

Good morning Guests of PAS& New PAS Members,

I've had quite a few inquires about the different events coming up in the schedule. So, let me take care of answering those questions here in one email....

Private event = an event we don't want the public to attend. PAS Membership includes the PAS Member listed in the PAS Roster and anyone living in that immediate household.

PAStimes Star Tours Members only: These events are specific to the PAStimes Star Tours group. It's a SIG within PAS and you have to be a member of that SIG to attend. We ask that you do not attend if you aren't a current member of the PAStimes Star Tours group.

Then we have Public events: Everyone is invited, all ages. However, RSVP is usually required, especially if seating is limited, and to inform those who have RSVP'd, as to if Weather is going to get in the way of that event.

Antennas is a serious viewing experience. You don't go to look through others telescopes, however, if the others want to share, that's up to them. What you attend for is to see the sky so dark, the objects jump out at you, through YOUR scope. Also, this event is limited. You arrive before dark, and don't leave until daylight, so that your headlights don't affect the rest of the group's viewing. No white light is allowed at this event, at all. Bring your own everything, as there are no facilities. And cover your lights on your car, or disable them, for this event. If you open your car door and blast someone with white light, you will be asked never to return to this location. Some attendees are doing Astrophotography and any white light can ruin their long exposure images. The rules at this event are very strict and we'd like to keep it to PAS members only, in attendance. Other clubs use this same location and are super serious about observing in complete darkness.

Night sky Training Session. This is a Private event designed for any PAS member who wants to learn about finding objects in the night sky.
If we decide to include the Public in this event, this year, there will be a fee charged for the public. This is an event designed to help you learn the night sky, and use your telescope or binoculars during the event.

The Awards Ceremony is open to current PAS Members only. Come celebrate with PAS, those who have made a difference in the past year.

Public events - invite everyone you know to these events. Sometimes there is a limit on seating, so RSVP is required, most of the time with me And the RSVP ensures that if Weather cancels the event, you get the notice about it before driving out to the event location.

PAS events are designed to have fun with everyone. You don't have to own a scope to have fun. You can attend anything, as a PAS Member, that is on the calendar (except PAStimes Star Tours (SIG) events). And we want you to.

And Public events are, most of the time, FREE to attend. Depends on if the location requires a fee to be there.

I hope this answered some questions about the upcoming March - August events. Feel free to ask more questions if you need to... Have a spectacular day!

Terri, Event Manager
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
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