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View Poll Results: Mike's Summer 2013 Lecture Series - Pick 4
Quantum Springs 3 60.00%
Earth Shattering Evolution 2 40.00%
Solar System's Tails of Plasma 1 20.00%
Stellar Jets 2 40.00%
Galactic Jets & Cosmic Evolution 3 60.00%
Upcoming Astronomical Disasters 3 60.00%
Exploiting Space for Power & Profit 1 20.00%
Mining Asteroids 1 20.00%
Get Rich & Have Adventures in our Solar System 1 20.00%
Killer Asteroids 3 60.00%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 5. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 05-02-2013, 10:23 AM
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Default Mike's 2013 Summer Lecture Series

Mike has decided to do another set of Lectures, open to the public, at his home in Carefree, and FREE to all to attend.

Here's how these events happen?

There is a potluck 1 hour prior to the start of the Lecture.
The Lecture can go from 1 hour to 6 hours long.
After the Lecture, we usually gather in MIke's living room for a movie.
Everyone, who wants to, brings a movie they think they may wish to share with the group and we vote on which one we wish to watch that night.

These events, this year, will NOT include a star party.
All events will be on a Saturday afternoon / evening.

There will be 4 events.
But there are 6 topics to vote on.
The top 4 topics chosen, will be the Lectures shared.

The goal is to have 4 lectures, 2 in July and 2 in August,
preferably on dates that the Moon is in the way of observing.
These are RAIN OR SHINE events.

Each event will have it's own Potluck sign up. Please bring a main dish,
as this is dinner and must hold you until the end of the lecture.
Sign up in See the Calendar listing for each events'
Login and Password.

Bring a main dish to the potluck and a drink to share.
Drinks can be a 6 pack of pop, a case of bottled water, anything non
alcoholic, as children may be present at these lectures.

If you have children and want to bring them, MIke can set them up in his bedroom with a Movie.

If you need to spend the night, plan to bring your own bedding.

Here are the 11 Lecture topics. Bolded words are the name of the Lecture
and the info you need to vote on your 4 favorite topics you wish to hear
about this summer.


Mike writes:

Hi guys,

These are the lectures I've got ready having done them before. The one I would like to do is

Quantum Springs. I need more practice getting my simplifying points about modern quantum physics across to a general audience. It is not easy to show that the entire universe is only electromagnetic radiation as expressed by quantum strings. Every Planck scale point is a hologram of the universe, current quantum holographic membrane theories just stretch this point. Energy comes into each point from all directions where it interferes and carries away this information. Matter creates shadows in the energy universe that unbalances the interference in the Planck points. Simply put, I discovered that gravity is a complex shadow of electromagnetic radiation, similar to the multicolored stage shadows cast by variously colored lights. The electron, tau, and muon neutrinos and their antimatter counterparts are dense small packets of energy that are the fundamental building blocks of all matter. During collisions neutrinos become the lepton class of matter, electrons, taus, and muons. I have made a visualization of a leptonic proton with just nine anti-muons and eight electrons that satisfies all the properties needed to make a Quantum Electro Dynamic (QED) proton with quarks, or the more modern Quantum Chromo Dynamic (QCD) with its color forces. My simplifying leptonic proton shows that the strong force is the electromagnetic force of compressed electron pairs distributed inside the proton. A ninth compressed electron just outside the proton turns the proton into a neutron and this electron is seen as the weak force. Energy passing this collection of leptons is focused into virtual particles that exchange information about the universe with the protons parts and give the proton its added mass.

Earth Shattering Evolution is about my ideas on how Herbig-Haro jets make multiple stellar systems and planetary systems like ours. A supernova blast from a carbon rich red supergiant star that was less than ten light years from our knot of dust and molecular gas was focused by the dust's gravity into a Herbig-Haro jet 4.6 billion years ago. The protosun condensed from a disk of the passing supernova shell at the distance away from the dust clouds center of gravity where the shell's gas was orbitally captured. The protosun is at the bottom of the jet in line with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune condensed from the successive rings of supernova shell gas as they reach the focal line birthing only minutes apart. In just a few days the gas giants orbit out of the jet and the jet imparts each gas giant with spin, axial tilt, and a disk of material that eventually condenses into moons. The nearby protosun and Jupiter gravitationally lever the other gas giants into elliptical orbits. The passing shell removes most of the original cloud's gas leaving molten dust and jet condensed rocks that eventually accumulated by impact into the solid planets. The rest of the lecture is large impact histories of the moons and planets. I end the lecture with a short history of the gargantuan impacts I discovered in the Precambrian that made our planet as massive as everything else inside of Jupiter's orbit combined. A Mars sized impact almost two billion years ago, replaced our air, made life complex, deeply buried continents in ejecta, shattered and scattered the remaining continents, and is responsible for all of Earth's late geological formations.

The Solar System's Tails of Plasma is a detailed look at how particle jets are made by all objects in our solar system. These nearby plasma tails are easily studied and provide many clear examples of how the physics of jet formation occurs. It is the first of three lectures on the formation of the universe. Jets are like books, once you understand how these tails are made you then have a history of the object that made the beam and what it is made of. Once you learn to read these local jets it becomes possible to read the very detailed histories of all astronomical objects.

Stellar Jets continues the study of the histories of stars by using stellar jets. A few jets are powerful enough to eject matter at nearly the speed of light. These small nearby stellar engines provide working models for the powerful but shrouded galactic core jets. By examining these stellar ejections we learn how stars and planets are born, evolve, and die. This lecture covers only the formation and evolution of the younger population I class stars and their planets.

Galactic Jets and Cosmic Evolution is the last of this series and the payoff is a nearly infinite history of the universe. Galactic jets have revealed a far different universe than you have been taught. Big Bang didn't, black holes do not explode. Inflation to fix Big Bang is overblown, it is a clear violation of the speed of light. Hubble hobbled modern astronomy by taking the wrong galactic fork in the road. In truth the center of the universe has already been found and named. It makes opposing pairs of giant elliptical galaxies, Giant elliptical galaxies make the older population II globular cluster stars. Giant elliptical galaxies then make the surrounding spiral and dwarf galaxies with these old stars. The dark Markin galaxies first discovered in 1996 are the nearby ancient galaxies. The universe is very, very old and you can learn to read these histories as displayed by galactic jets.

Upcoming Astronomical Disasters is about the dangers humanity faces in the next 50,000 years or less from astronomical events such as: asteroid or cometary strikes, magnetic field reversals of the Sun and Earth, the approaching radioactive supernova shells, our galaxies largest star is about to go hyper nova, a rapidly approaching halo star will come within two light years from us in 18,000 years possibly disturbing the ort cloud sending comets into all the planets, and more. If you want to leave this galactic neighborhood catch a ride on this red dwarf halo star.

Exploiting Space for Power and Profit covers the untapped wealth of impact craters, asteroids, lightning, auroras, the Van Allen Belts, magneto-tails, and the solar wind.

Mining the Asteroids explores the potential and the possible methods of space mining.

Get Rich and Have Adventures in Your Solar System is an exploration of the objects in our solar system and how they can be used by humanity.

Astronomy is short lecture on the various types of objects found in astronomy for those who don't know astronomy.

Killer Asteroidss is a 4.6 billion year impact history of Earth's many great extinction events with pictures of the remnant great craters.


Go to the Poll now, and put in your preference for this Summer's Lecture Series by Mike.

To attend these events, RSVP is required with Mike at or call and leave a message at 480-488-3031.

The poll voting will be open until the end of May. May 31 is the deadline.
Then, the dates, with links to the Calendar, will be added to this forum thread, so watch for the announcement.

We'd love to see you there. Everyone is welcome. Come enjoy some great food, great people, and learn something about astronomy at the Lecture!


Summer 2013 Lecture Series Dates:

Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
Private Music Instructor: Music Lessons in your home
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Old 05-02-2013, 02:29 PM
Darlene Ahlefeld Darlene Ahlefeld is offline
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I like them all, I'm good for all dates. Assuming BOLD print is title, I vote for nos. 2 4 6 8, and whatever gets voted in.....

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Old 05-03-2013, 01:05 PM
Rick Cunningham Rick Cunningham is offline
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All sound interesting, but Quantum Springs is the one that intrigues me most. I'll go along with everyone else.

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Old 06-06-2013, 01:37 PM
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Terri Finch Terri Finch is offline
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Default Voting update for Mike's Lectures

Here are the dates of the lectures:

June 22
July 13
July 27
Aug 24

Here are the 4 lecture titles, not in this order. Mike has to give me the order he is presenting these lectures. The only stipulation I asked him to do was choose the shortest of these lectures, and put it on July 13 because that is the date we have a star party with the lecture and potluck. This will allow for a little more observing time after the lecture. Other than that, the rest of these lectures can go on for as long as Mike wishes to present them. Prepare to enjoy the lectures at any length.
  • Quantum Springs
  • Galactic Jets & Cosmic Evolution
  • Upcoming Astronomical Disasters
  • Killer Asteroids

5 PAS Members voted.
Each of the presentations above received 3 votes.

Now we wait for Mike's input as to which order he wishes to present these lectures. He says he knows some of them better than others, and so he will do the ones he is most familiar with, first, and work on the other lectures.

All of these events have this schedule:

5:30 potluck
7pm Lecture
After Lecture concludes, Movie night for 3 of these events.
July 13 is a public Star Party.
see you there!

Remember to sign up in Perfect Potluck to let everyone know what main dish you are bringing for the meal. And if Perfect Potluck isn't working for you, drop me an email so I can update it for you.

Once 5 main dishes have been listed, feel free to bring side dishes, desserts, etc. And help with paper plates, napkins, forks, is appreciated.
Please also bring a drink to share.
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
Private Music Instructor: Music Lessons in your home
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