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Old 10-16-2009, 12:21 PM
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Default Benefits of PAS membership

PAS Members have the following benefits from being a member of PAS:

1) PAS Website ( offers not only the Public forums, Public Calendar, & Public Downloads, but also Private forums, Private Calendar of events, and Private Downloads. As a PAS member, you'd have access to these items.

A) What's in the Private areas that is not in the Public areas?
In the Private Calendar, all the details of an events are listed, and the Forum thread for that event is listed, such that a discussion about the event is happening.
In the Private Downloads, a PAS member can get a copy of the Roster, maps to private events, and more.
In the Private Forums, discussions on upcoming Private events happen such that as a PAS member, you can help make decisions on how the events will play out.

2) FREE Telescope Training. Joining an astronomy club means you have help learning how to use your scope from those who work with their scopes on a regular basis at the PAS events. To purchase assistance, for Non PAS members is $50/hr/scope. Being a PAS member, you get this assistance for FREE. PAS wants its members to be able to use their scope at the PAS Events.

3) PAStimes Monthly Newsletter: The Newsletter is our historical record of what PAS has done, as well as the announcements of what is events are upcoming.

4) PAID Star Parties: Being a PAS member, you can sign up to be part of the PAStimes Star Tours. These PAS members assist at PAID star parties and receive equal compensation for their time and expertise. Why not get paid to do what you love!

5) Schools & Scouts: PAS is in high demand to do school star parties and scout group star parties. We keep those as Private events, meaning, if you aren't a PAS member, we don't want you to attend or help out. The schools trust that we know our members before exposing the whole school to us. For safety reasons, only PAS members may help at these events.

6) Virtual Star Parties: The newest event PAS has is the Virtual Star Parties. VSP are held at PAS Members' homes, thus they are private and only PAS members may attend. The VSP's are an astrophotography group using one members' home to host the party, and Chris's telescope up in Mayer to take the astrophotos.

7) Private Star Parties: Chris hosts the CEO star party which is a Members Only event. It is a super dark sky site in Mayer, AZ that is open to all PAS members. There are other Private, non paid star parties as well. You'll have to join to find out about them.

8) NON PAS Events List: PAS members may sign up for a special email list that other PAS members may post to to announce NON PAS events around Arizona. Some of our members are more active than others and wish to go to these events such as the Grand Canyon Star Party.


And for Public ways to get more info about our events, go to the PAS
or these other methods:

Follow PAS on Facebook, where all the public events are being posted.

Sign up for the PAS Blog to get all sorts of astronomy
info and updates on PAS events at


This thread will be updated as more things become available.
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
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