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Old 08-23-2018, 02:13 PM
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Default PAS year 2018-End of May 2019 Upcoming Events

Fantastic Thursday to all!!

Here are the upcoming events of 2018 into and to the end of May 2019.
Events listed in Bold dates are currently on the PAS Calendar, and those that do not have a bold date, will soon be on the PAS Calendar so you can read about the event, and put in your RSVP to attend.

Any event marked "Private" is for PAS Members only. If you care to join PAS, you can grab the PAS Membership for at this link...
We'd love to have you as a PAS Member so you can also attend the Private events hosted by PAS!!! The private events has all the cool stuff you have been wanting to learn about and enjoy.

Aug 31, Sept 1 and Sept 2: Star Party and daytime PAS table at Cokocon, on Sat and Sun from 8am to midnight and on Friday 5pm to midnight.

Sept 6 2018: PAS Meeting + Dinner prior to the Meeting - Public

Sept 8: Public Binocular Class - we have RSVP's for this event.

Sept 13: PVCC Free Telescope Workshop - Public

Sept 14: Star Party at South Mountain, public event

Sept 23: Bookmans Free Telescope Workshop - public

Sept 27: PAS Members only Meeting of the Minds - Business Meeting of PAS - PRIVATE event

Oct 4: PAS Meeting - Public

Oct 6: Night Sky Training Session for PAS Members only - PRIVATE event

Oct 10: ASU West Public star party + dinner prior to star party

Oct 11: Huge Public Star Party at BMC - public

Oct 12: School Star Party - Private

Oct 18: PVCC Free Telescope Workshop - public

Oct 20: Bookmans Sidewalk Astronomy - public event

Oct 21: Bookmans Free Telescope Workshop - public

Oct 26 + 27: Star Party at Japanese Friendship Garden - public event - there's a fee to get in

Oct 27: Private Halloween Party for PAS Members only


Nov 1: PAS Meeting + Dinner prior to the Meeting- public

Nov 3: Bookmans Solar/Lunar event - public event

Nov 8: Huge public star party at BMC

Nov 9: School star party - PRIVATE event

Nov 15: Free Telescope Workshop at PVCC - public

Nov 18: Free Telescope workshop at Bookmans - public

Nov 24: South Mountain star party - public event


29 nights of December, the PAS Star Tours Telescope Team will be at the DBG Luminaria - 4 scopes + 1 presenter each night.

Dec 6: PAS Meeting - Public


Quick reminder: Bold dates are on the PAS Calendar and ready for your RSVP. Non Bold dates haven't gotten put on the calendar yet, but will be soon.

2019 Happy New Year!

Jan 6: Bookmans Free Telescope Workshop

Jan 12: Bookmans Sidewalk Astronomy - public event

Jan 17: PAS Meeting - public

Jan 24: PVCC Free Telescope Workshop - public

Jan 26: Star Party at Tonto National Monument - public event

Jan 31: Huge Star Party at BMC - public


Feb 1: School star party - PRIVATE

Feb 7: PAS Meeting - public

Feb 9: Bookmans sidewalk event - public

Feb 10: Bookmans Free Telescope workshop - public

Feb 14: PAS Meeting of the Minds - PRIVATE

Feb 21: Free Telescope workshop at PVCC - public

Feb 28: Huge Star Party at BMC - public


Mar 2: Bookmans Solar/Lunar observing event - public

Mar 6: PAS Meeting - public

Mar 7: Huge star party at BMC - public event

Mar 9: NSTS - PRIVATE star party for PAS Members

Mar 17: Bookmans Free Telescope Workshop - public

Mar 21: PVCC Free Telescope Workshop - public

Mar 28: Huge Star Party at BMC - Public event


April 4: PAS Meeting - public

Apr 11: PVCC free telescope workshop - public

Apr 14: Bookmans Free telescope workshop - public

Apr 18: PRIVATE meeting - Awards Ceremony for PAS Members only

Apr 25: Huge Star Party at BMC - Public event

Apr 27: Star party at Tonto Nat Monument - public event


May 2: Huge star party at BMC - public event

May 7: Career Day at School - PRIVATE event

May 9: PAS Meeting - public

May 19: Bookmans Free telescope workshop - public event

There are always new events happening on the PAS Calendar. Check back often to see what's new and what you might want to attend. Public events are open to all ages, everyone can attend and most events are Free to attend, unless otherwise mentioned on the PAS Calendar listing for that event. Here's the link to the online PAS Calendar:

It is highly suggested and sometimes required, that you RSVP to attend all events (when asked to do so) just in case the weather is uncooperative or there isn't enough attendance from the Public or PAS Members to hold the event. Your RSVP helps me manage the events better. And by giving an RSVP via email, I can let you know if the event is On or Off via an email by about 4 hours before the start of the event.

Wishing you a most spectacular, Astronomical Thursday, Friday and Weekend!

Terri, Event Manager of PAS Events
Terri Finch, PAS Events Manager since 2008 We are All Star Stuff !!!
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