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Old 01-27-2009, 12:30 PM
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Default PAS Downloadable / Updated Files

Good Afternoon,

I was chatting with a PAS Member the other day who has access to the PAS website but didn't know that we have files in the Download section of the site that are constantly changing as the data in them needs changing. So, below, I have listed those EVOLVING documents so that every once in a while, you might visit the downloads section of the website and see if there have been any new documents added as well as those that might be updated with new info. Please Enjoy!
I will update this list as needed.

The Main link to the Downloads section of the website is here:
Remember, if you visit the downloads section of the site, there are currently 2 pages of downloads available. When you get to the bottom, click on page 2 to see more items.

From that link you can get to these files that are updated as needed. The way to tell if they have been updated from your last download is to look
at the notes section of each file and see if the date on it reflects a different
date than your last download. I try to keep all files current, so that new visitors to the site may have the info they need to find out what PAS is doing and be involved. This list is in the order the documents can be found in the main downloads section. Here are the files that are updated on a regular basis:

This file is available for those who really like to attend events at PVCC and may wish to know ONLY those events we are holding at that location. And it is designed to let PVCC know what we are planning to do at the school as well, when I send it off to the makers of the PVCC Calendar. It is updated as needed.

This Doc is provided to PAS by Leah. She updates it as needed. It is also one of the many handouts that PAS provides to new visitors. It is very informative. If you haven't downloaded it recently, check it out.

Each month PAS holds a Business Meeting. If there aren't enough topics, we cancel the meeting, but if you want to know what topics we will be discussing and for what meeting we will talk about those topics, this is the file to visit. Feel free to peek at it anytime. As the date gets closer to the meeting date, I update it as topics come in.

The Anthem star party is held each year, different times of the year based on when they want us there. So, as the need to update this flier happens, you will see a more current version.

Mike has held lectures / star parties at his home over the past 2 summers. Should he decide to do this again this summer, this flier will be updated for that. He gets a good turnout at his star parties. Watch for updates.

For a while there, we were holding 2 star parties at this location in the Spring and then again in the Fall. Right now, things are on hold at that location but I hope to be filling in the calendar with future star parties there. Watch for changes in this flier as we schedule events at that location.

This flier will change its name as needed but the location will stay the same. This is a list of upcoming events in a list format rather than in a calendar format like on the website. Some folks like a list format so that more can be on a page than just one month at a time. I provide this list and make copies of it for the public to pick up at our events. It is updated as changes are made. Feel free to download it on a regular basis. If a new star party comes available, it goes in there right away.


This file gives you the upcoming Guest Speakers, the date they will be at PAS for the General meetings on the 1st Thursday of the month, their affiliation if they have one and some additional info I found on the internet about them. This is updated as more speakers are scheduled.

I do hope this list helps you know which files you should download on a regular basis. The info is there. It's just a matter of visiting the site and
downloading what you need at the time. And most of the time, the calendar events have the links to these pages right in them. So, if you see a listing for an event at North Mountain Park (for example) the link will be in the calendar for you to download and find out the current info on that star party. But, should I forget to do that or you want to get info prior to the event, this page is therefore your link to all the documents that change over time.
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Old 01-27-2009, 09:41 PM
Leah S Leah S is offline
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thanks for this info, Terri!

about the "See More Stars" flyer - it doesn't need to be updated because it doesn't include a moon calendar anymore. it just has a link for the moon calendar on the US Naval Observatory website.

the rest of the info doesn't change.
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