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These are the people that make P.A.S. go and the ones you are most likely to meet at our events.  We are a fun and interesting bunch of people all interested in science and the cosmos.  You won't see all of us at any single one, but you will see most of us at all.  We are very active in public outreach as we feel it is our duty to share the beauty of the night sky with as many people as we can.  We do this for two reasons, to foster interest in science and space exploration and to educate people about light pollution and how important it is to utilize good lighting in order to preserve the scenic beauty that is the night sky.  We are happy to help you with your scope or show you a splashy nebula or cluster.  We have a great time at all our meetings and star parties. Some of us are working on our observing awards, others do astrophotography and some just like to look.  You never have to feel intimidated with us as we all know what it is like to just start out as an amateur astronomer.  We've been there - done that and we'd like to help you.

We've each written a little bit about ourselves so that when we meet on the field you will know us.   

Mike relaxing on Triton   Mike Marron

Mike Marron has been an amateur astronomer for almost all of his life. When Mike was very young his father began working with the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium in the Grand Rapids Museum. Both of Mike’s parents have run the Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association (GRAAA) and have long-term also been involved in acting, directing and the arts. As a youth Mike helped build and then teach astronomy at the James C. Veen Observatory built on a hill in his parents backyard in association with the G.R. Museum, the planetarium, and GRAAA. During the 60's Mike also helped his parents build a solar heated, ground cooled, Frank Lloyd Wright prairie-style house with a windmill electric generator. A graduate of Michigan State University, Mike has wide ranging interests and can be heard talking about his theoretical contributions to impact related planetary geophysics, stellar mechanics, galactic evolution, the reading of stellar and galactic jets, cosmology, quantum physics, and prime numbers. Mike is rebuilding a century old ranch house in Carefree and has a 6" Celestron. Mike can be found teaching stellar and planetary evolution to both the young and old with his touchable collection of meteorites at various public schools, colleges, hospitals and other venues.

  Paul Facuna
Vice President


Rick Cunningham


Eric Steinberg

Eric Steinberg is a Phoenix resident and avid astronomer. Fascinated by science and how things work from childhood, he has followed that path both personally and professionally. Eric has a BA in Biology/Premed from Rutgers College and an MS in Computer Science from Polytechnic Institute of New York. Especially interested in astronomy, he found the light pollution and heavy tree cover of New York to be frustrating enough to stick to “textbook” observing. After settling in the Valley he has been able to fully pursue that interest. These days, Eric can be seen regularly presenting at star parties or in the deep desert with his automated 22” Dobsonian telescope. In addition to his astronomy interest, Eric bring years of accounting and bookkeeping experience to the Treasurer's position here at PAS.
Don on an other world   Don Boyd
  I have been interested in astronomy for about 20 years, and 5 years ago I bought a small 4.5 inch goto scope. Shortly after this a friend told me about the Phoenix Astronomical Society and I went to a meeting. I have made many friends there and know that you will as well. In my job as Editor I am responsible for producing and distributing PAStimes, our club newsletter. I also take the minutes at our meetings and photos of our speakers.
Chris   Chris Johnson
  Chris is an avid astrophotographer. He owns his own observatory up in Mayer, AZ and hosts the Dark Site Star Parties at his location. He attends many outreach programs with the group. He is also the webmaster for Starizona, Hyperstarimaging, and David Levy's Let's Talk Stars. His current project is to enable remote imaging from his observatory for club members. His day job is a Systems Administrator for eBay.
Terri Prez with M42  
Terri Finch
Event Manager
and Planner
I have been interested in astronomy since 4th grade and have had my telescope for over 25 years - about as long as I’ve been a PAS member! I was the Editor of the PAStimes Newsletter for 14 years, President of the Club for 2 years, Vice President for 2 years, and now am the Event Manager. PAS is my most favorite hobby and the people in PAS are awesome! My favorite part of PAS is meeting new people. I strive to give them the best possible view of the night sky and love listening to them “oooo” and “ahhhh” when they see something new in the telescope. If you are looking for a friendly, helpful bunch of amateur astronomers to share your hobby with, this is the club to be involved with.
As Event Manager, I plan, organize and manage the PAS star parties for schools and other organizations that contact me to provide telescopes for their events. If you have an event you wish to have PAS participate in, email me the details. Remember our mottos: “Bring a Friend!” and “Let P.A.S. Be Your Portal to the Stars!”
I am also a private music instructor (I play 15 instruments and I teach 8 of them). Though PAS is my favorite, my other hobbies include, photography, art, rubber stamp greeting cards, Doctor Who, watching movies and more.

Sam on Astro Day 2006   Sam Insana
  Sam has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the CaliforniaInstitute of Technology, and worked with NASA’s planetary quarantine unit in the late 1960’s.  He has been a member ofthe Arizona Science Center since its inception in 1984.  Sam has been a member of PAS since 1986.  He has an 8 inch Newtonianreflector telescope with a German equatorial drive.  He enjoys the public star parties, monthly meetings with guest scientific speakers,and the annual holiday social.  Although he loves stargazing, he also enjoys music, golf, skiing, and has been practicing law for 30years.

Matt, the green silent type   Matt Kohl
  Matt was placed on Earth quite a while ago. As an amateur astronomer he scours the night sky hoping to find where he belongs in the universe.





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