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Newsletter, Meeting, & More
Dec 06, 2017 - 4:31 PM - by Terri Finch
Awesome Wednesday to all,

Tomorrow, Thursday Dec 7, we have a fantastic PAS Meeting happening. Here's the details. The Guest Speaker will be one you do not want to miss.

This meeting will also be the Annual PAS Swap Meet. We have 2 activities going on during this Swap Meet.
As you enter the room:
1) Down the left side of the room will be the Garage Sale items. Price your items, add them to the table. Please pay for them before you leave that night.
2) Down the right side of the room will be the Swap Meet. For this, we do it silent auction style. That means the owner of the item brings a piece of paper, per item for sale, and lists everything that goes with that item and the starting bid. Then, throughout the night, during the meeting and after the meeting, the Silent Auction occurs. The attendees of the meeting can walk up to the piece of paper, put their bid and their initials, or first name on the page, and then at the end of the meeting, the highest bidder gets the item.
Please bring enough cash for the transactions. We have had great success at past Swap Meets.
This is your chance to clean out your closet, as well as get yourself something new for the holidays.

We welcome everyone to attend. You do NOT have to be a PAS Member to be involved in the sales or purchases at this meeting. Just bring your items and put them on the correct side of the room See the signs on the walls. If there are no signs at the time when you arrive (meaning i haven't gotten there yet or set up) then ask me - Terri, Event Manager, where to put your items, or follow the instructions above.


Announcing the upcoming meeting and December evnets, is the newly posted December issue of PAStimes, available for your download and reading pleasure. Here's the link to several issues, but the most current is the December issue. Help yourself to a copy and I suggest you enjoy reading it before attending the meeting.

Looking for a place to advertise your astronomical equipment for sale? The deadline to make the next months issue is the 10th of the month. Send your items with photos, description, a way to contact you to If you are a PAS member, this service is for free. Non Members are asked to make a $2+ donation to PAS to post their items for sale in 1) the newsletter, 2) the online "For Sale" forums, 3) out to the 500+ astronomy interested people in Arizona on the PAS Public Events list.


December is a slow month for activities in PAS, however, more evnets are being added to the calendar all the time, so check back to the PAS Calendar now and then to find out what is happening, when, where, and then plan to RSVP and attend.


What would be better than giving the gift of the Universe with a 1 year membership to PAS!!! Here's the link to download the membership form. Get it sent in today.

We wish you the best of holidays and hope to see a lot of you in the new year!!!

Upcoming January public events:

Jan 7: Free Telescope Workshop - everyone welcome

Jan 17: PAS Meeting with guest speaker - Mike Marron

Jan 25: Free Telescope Workshop - everyone welcome

Terri, Event Manager
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