501 (c)(3) Documents

IRS Tax Exemption Letter.pdf

IRS Tax Exemption Letter

Original 1974 Articles of Incorporation.pdf

1974 Articles of Incorporation

2016 Bylaws.pdf

2016 Bylaws - as amended January 27, 2016

Amended Articles Of Incorporation 2012.pdf

2012 Amended Articles of Incorporation to comply with new IRS regulations

Conflict Of Interest Policy.pdf

Conflict of Interest

2012 Amended Bylaws.pdf

2012 Amended Bylaws - adds new officer positions

Amended constitution 2008.pdf

2008 Constitution Revision

Amended constitution 2007.pdf

2007 Constitution Revision

Amended constitution 2006.pdf

2006 Constitution Revision

Revised constitution 1999.pdf

1999 Constitution Revision

Bylaws 1974.pdf

1974 Bylaws