Booking Documents

PAS Event Booking Doc General.pdf

This is the General Booking Doc. Download it, print it, fill it out, sign & initial it, scan it, and get all requested pages back to the PAS Event Manager . Then, Terri will converse with you, via email, about your Event to get it all set up. Since PAS doesn't want to double book events (2+ events on one date), the first Booking Doc received, gets that date and time. However, this 2-page document doesn't contain all the info needed to make your event happen. So, Terri will be in contact with you once this Booking Doc has arrived (which will secure the date of your event), and send you additional questions and info that are needed to make your event happen. You might want to also check the Scope Fee Chart for the pricing per scope for your event and check out the Value Added Presentations doc for additional items to enhance your event mentioned on page 2 of this doc. Email Terri with your Booking Doc at Updated Feb 4 2020.

PAS SM Value Added Presentations Solar Lunar.pdf

This document lists additional activities, at the cost of one scope per activity, that you can add to your event to give your attendees that much more of an astronomical & educational experience. These activities are availble as long as the Telescope Team member is availble to be at your event. Book early. My Value Added Team is in high demand. This document was updated Feb 4 2020.

PAStimes Star Tours Flier.pdf

This is the flier PAS hands out at events. I provide it within the Booking Doc section of the site for those seeking to hire PAS to do a star party for their event. It gives you a brief idea of the Telescope Team & more.

Scope Fee Chart.pdf

Looking to Hire PAS for your event? You will need to know the info provided in this document. Last Revised Feb 4 2020. Fees listed are for Corporate & Private events.

School Star Party Etiquette.pdf

If you are a Teacher or Scout Leader looking to have PAS do a star party for your school, please download this document and be sure to review it with all attendees at your event. This page has the Etiquette / behavior PAS expects at all events. This file was last updated Feb 4 2020

Schools & Scouts get Special Pricing for their events, so be sure to inquire with your filled out General Booking Document and an email to Terri at