New User Help

Login ID Setup

When you receive your ID and temporary password go to on your browser and click Sign In. Enter your ID and hit Next. Enter your temporary password and hit Next. Google will ask you to Accept their terms of service. After that enter your permanent password twice. Remember that the password must be at least eight characters long and contain numbers and letters.

For now, this ID is used so that you can view the Members Only Calendar on the website. In future it may provide you access to other areas.


The following browsers work with website:

  1. Chrome

  2. Edge

  3. Firefox (minor issues)

  4. Opera (minor issues)

  5. Safari on iOS

The following browsers do not work with our website:

  1. Safari for Windows (no longer supported by Apple)

  2. Internet Explorer Windows 7 (no longer supported by Microsoft)

Other browsers may or may not work, but have not been tested. Should you encounter issues with them we will not be able to help you.

Logging In

There are a few considerations to remember when you log in:

  1. Log ins can be done either at (Sign In button) or from the website.

  2. When logging in Google will tell you if you are signed out with a message next to your ID. Normally once you have logged in, you will stay logged in until you manually sign out, or when you erase the cookies in your browser.

  3. If you have multiple Google accounts it is important to sign out of all your accounts prior to logging into your PAS account. This is a Google requirement since our website and its administration is part of Google’s G Suite of products. Once you have logged in to the PAS account, you can log in to other Google accounts. (Do not log out of the PAS account when you log in to your other accounts.)

  4. If you log in from the website and click on your PAS account to sign in, the system will bring you back to the website without asking for a password if you are currently signed in.

G Suite Applications

As part of your PAS membership you have access to a number of applications that are part of G Suite. This can be reached via the symbol in the upper right hand corner of your browser. Those familiar with Google’s apps will see G Suite versions of those apps. In addition there are other applications that a personal Google user does not have access to. Chief among them are Sites, a very user friendly tool to build websites. You also have 30Gb of storage space on Drive, Google’s storage repository. This is double the space that a personal user gets.

One note about Google apps if you aren’t familiar with them. You do not have to save your work. Google’s backend file systems are constantly backing everything across their service, so you don’t have to worry about it. One requirement is that you need to name your document.

Website Issues

Should you encounter an issue with our website, please email our Provide a description of the problem, a screenshot if possible, what browser you are using and what operating system and device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop). This will allow us to try and replicate your issue in a similar environment.


Everyone with a PAS ID will have a Gmail address that is equal to their ID. You may not want to use this address, which is fine. In order to get email to your current email address used for PAS, go into Gmail once you are logged in. Select the Gear Icon in the upper right of your Gmail screen. Select "See all Settings" . Select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" . In forwarding select and enter the email address your wish to forward your PAS email to. An email with a validation code will be sent to your other email address. Copy the code and enter it into Gmail. You can choose to leave the email in Gmail, mark it as read or delete it. The default is to leave it in Gmail. Finally, hit Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.