PAS Monthly General Meetings

Monthly Meetings & Speakers

Please note: The Coronavirus, with its Social Distancing requirements has changed PAS Meetings to being held remotely. Zoom meeting links can be found in our Public Calendar.

Once we can meet together the following info is pertinent: PAS General Meetings are in LS- 205 at Paradise Valley Community College 18401 N 32nd Street, Phoenix AZ 85032. Doors open 7pm; meeting begins at 7:30. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend & a snack to share. General Meetings are on the 1st Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted. Changes to the day of the week or the Date are in bold italics.

* Be aware that some meetings start earlier than 7:30pm. Changes in time of the start will be listed in bold italics, also.

* Special Meetings & Lectures may be in other rooms and are announced with the Guest Speaker info below. This info will also be in bold italics when needed to reflect a change.

*** Some meetings have Dinner prior to the meeting and require an RSVP to attend. If a Dinner is listed, see the Calendar link (provided) for more details. PAS Members RSVP for dinner on the Calendar and Guests of PAS, please email with the number in your party by the Day Before the Meeting.

Spring 2021

  • Jan - 14: Remote Meeting - Speaker: Rogier Windhorst is an astronomer and a professor of physics and astronomy at Arizona State University. He received his Ph.D in astronomy in 1984 from the University of Leiden and did post doctorate work at Mt.Wilson and Las Campanas Observatories . His talk will be "An update on the James Webb Space Telescope and Black Hole Beauties"

  • Feb 4: Remote Meeting - Speaker: Tom Field is a Contributing Editor at Sky & Telescope Magazine. He has been an amateur astronomer since Shoemaker-Levy 9 got him interested in 1994. He is also the developer of the RSpec/Real-time Spectroscopy software. His talk will be "You Could Almost Touch The Stars - Spectroscopy and RSpec"

  • Mar 4: Remote Meeting: "Searching for Planet X" , Will Oldroyd - Check the PAS Public calendar for login details

  • Apr 1: General Meeting: TBA

  • May 6: Remote Meeting - Speaker: Dolores Hill Sr. Research Specialist, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona "OSIRIS/REX mission to Asteroid Bennu"

Prior Meeting Information

Spring 2020

  • Jan 16 (note date change): General Meeting: John Barentine “Follow the Gas: How Atoms and Molecules Build Stars, Galaxies and the Structure of the Universe”

  • Feb 6: General Meeting: Lauren Edgar Topic: "Mars Rover Science"

  • Mar 4 Wednesday (note day change): General Meeting: Michael Line Title: "The Planets Way Out There"

  • Apr 2: General Meeting: Eric Steinberg Title:“The Physics of Chernobyl: what actually happened in there and how they managed to do it” This meeting happened remotely but was only open to PAS Members as a first test meeting to see how remote meetings function.

  • May 7 2020: PAS Members Only Meeting of the Minds with Officer Elections and No Guest Speaker remotely through Zoom.

Summer 2020

*** Summer Break ****

  • No General Meetings will be held in June, July & August.

Fall 2020

  • Sept 3: General Meeting: Klaus Brasch - Topic: "The Photographic Legacy of Lowell's Great Refractor": Zoom meeting video is available here

  • Oct 15: General Meeting: Stephen Desch - Topic: "'Oumuamua: the nearest exoplanet? ": Zoom meeting - see Public Calendar for details

  • Nov 5: General Meeting: Vincenzo Cataldo - Topic: "Use light instead of a pick axe to unravel planetary surfaces" : Zoom meeting - see Public Calendar for details

  • Dec 3: General Meeting: Dr. David Williams Topic - “Titan: The Past and Future Exploration of Saturn’s Largest Moon.”

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